NFL TV schedule for bye week (Remember to reset your clocks)

930AM - NFLN - MIA vs KC in Germany
100PM MI - CBS - SEA @ BAL
100PM OH - CBS - ARZ @ CLE
100PM - FOX - LAR @ GB
425PM - FOX - DAL @ PHI
820PM - NBC - BUF @ CIN

Lots of good football this weekend.

Definitely worth watching the DAL and LAC games to see how they look.


Jets gotta good defense. Hopefully the game is very physical and Chargers are beat up playing us on a short week.


I didn’t realize the Chargers are on a short week trying to play a team coming off of a bye. Ouch!


Never thought I would say this, but go Cowboys.

And go Ravens


Now that the Lions have a real team and a real chance at success, I have noticed my hatred for the Cowboys isn’t as much as it used to be. :laughing:

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Man, I thought we were getting rid of this clock change stuff for good.


Congress keeps pushing it off for “more pressing issues”

you don’t really have to do it. Just be kramer.

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I â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  hate it. Just leave the clocks alone.

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I am far too scatterbrained to pull that off. I’ll be an hour late for everything. Or an hour early. Whatever way the math works, I can never figure it out.

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that’s just it…let other people do that work for you. late? well start over bitch. early? well entertain and feed me bitch.

see? win/win.

Ah, if only the people I’ve surrounded myself with wouldn’t laugh in my face if I tried something like that. You, sir, have been doing this life thing better than I have.

Spring forward
Fall back

Only way I have kept it straight for decades…

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Story time again…

So I only lived in Australia for 1 year but I was working in New South Wales…it was right on the border of Queensland. Well 1 state did daylight savings time and the other didn’t and you could freely just walk across the street and the time was different by an hour.

Literally going to eat lunch or booking an appointment took way too much time. Hated it.

I apologize if I offended the Lions Aussie fans. Hopefully you guys finally fixed that.

I have several aunt/uncles and numerous cousins throughout Australia and New Zealand and can tell you they have not fixed it.

Hopefully you enjoyed the spiders, I mean, Australian spiders take things to a whole different level.
spider falls GIF

Spiders were wild but growing up in Canada…Australia was amazing. Shorts and sandals every day. Loved it.

Just don’t wear or ask where to buy a fanny pack. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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