Just gonna leave this here

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I mean, the PATRIOTS won the Super Bowl in 2001


Didn’t the Saints also win the year hurricane Katrina hit?

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Haha finally fellas… finally. :laughing:

Mahomes won the super bowl mvp last year in State Farm Field

The Rams won the super bowl right after the war started in Ukraine. Check out the Rams colors compared to that Country flag.

Pure coincidences all of them :joy:

the pre-ordained conclusion

I’ve got so many more examples… but I’ll bite my tongue and go make dinner

Slow Motion Yes GIF by WWE

zac efron illuminati GIF by NEIGHBORS

And the color on the botton has won both times so far. Everyone expects the Ravens to beat SF should they play again.


Ultimate Warrior 80S GIF by WWE

Shocked Vince Mcmahon GIF by WWE

One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.

First, those are not the colors of Super Bowl LVI logo. It took me 30 seconds of Googling.

Second, LVII isn’t green. It’s teal.

Finally, and this is really gonna bake everyone’s noodle, but why in the unholy ■■■■ if the NFL was rigged, would they work so hard across thousands of employees on their top-secret plan, pouring BILLIONS into an effort to keep it secret (and by the way, risking their entire business model in the process), only to reveal some secret master plan through a design that is outsourced to a local artist from the region in which it’s hosted?

Here’s the problem with most conspiracies: they’re ■■■■■■■ stupid. And they’re a reminder that people who believe in them have never, at any point in their lives, worked as a project manager.

It’s not green it’s teal. It’s not yellow it’s maize. It’s not orange it’s tangerine :rofl:
Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 19-02-09 Super Bowl LVI - Wikipedia

Are you seriously telling me that you think this is real, and that the NFL is baking in their rigged matchups into … the very public logo of their secret match?

I’m just saying super logo 59 better have Honolulu Blue & Silver in it


Fair enough.

Kurt Warner’s story was my first hint, the Patriots after 9/11 pretty much sealed it


I think sports are rigged from college to pros in any sport

Except for all the ones that are true. :joy::joy:

If you can gamble on it… it’s manipulated.

Rigged might be a strong word… so I like the word manipulated

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They are always conspiracies , until they aren’t

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This really is a computer simulation, this thing is call life

Or they are masters at symbolism…

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The good news is the simulation has the Lions winning eventually…

Look closely…

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