NFLdraftcountdown 7 round mock

#2oa- Sam Howell QB North Carolina
#30oa- Owen Pappoe LB Auburn
#34 - Jordan Battle S Alabama
#66- Nick Bonnito Edge Oklahoma
#97- John Metchie WR Alabama
#144- Greg Elsworth S Iowa State
#176- Jeremy James OG Georgia
#181- Glen Logan DL Louisiana
#218- TJ Bass OG Oregon
#238- Kennedy Brooks RB Oklahoma
#245- Devontae Wyatt DL Georgia

Metchie makes it to 97? Seems pretty unlikely. Seems high for Pappoe as well though he does have a lot of talent.

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Yeah, I didn’t understand that one either.

I’d rather take Thibodeaux at pick 3 as well.

For sure

Nooooooooo. Way too soon. I still have hopes, they have yet to be crushed.

Besides, we don’t know yet which of Sean McVay’s multiple personalities will emerge after the season. He may impulsively decide to trade Stafford plus their 2024 first round pick for Goff. You can’t rule that out.


Interesting… looks like they are projecting the Lions to trade down a long way with the Rams pick.
Must be for another 1st rounder in 2023 since there are no additional picks added in that 2022 mock.

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Came here to say there’s no way in hell you’re getting Metchie at 97.

um can we actually play a season in 21, before we talk about the 22 draft?..or is that just silly?

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I’d go Kayvon Thibodeaux at 2, then Malik Willis at 30

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Were talking draft in preseason. PRESEASON.

I’ve been around a long time, and I think this might be a record low.


But it’s sadly not out of place. (or so it seems)

“Low”? Pffft

The Lions have 2 first round picks… how could we NOT be excited about the draft???

We’re gonna need a few playoff wins before the draft loses any of it’s magnetic draw!

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But the draft is “The Super Bowl” for Lions fans isn’t it??

Not by choice brother


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Use them beans we need a WR…lol