NFLPA Team Report Cards

Looks like players think Lions need to improve nutrition (whatever that means to players no clue) and the training room

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Always room for improvement. These are things that NFLPA players relate to each other, important to address deficiencies. Looks like 15th out of 32 . . . not good enough.

Vikings came in #1, GB #6 and Bears #13 . . . Gotta improve.


I agree — they should be gunning for A+ in all categories
Why on earth would you provide anything less than A+ nutrition and weight room?
Some of these should be easy fixes

Some teams getting F on travel — shooting yourselves in the foot for away games??
Stupid …


And despite having one of the most profitable teams in the league, Dan Snyder’s Commanders finish dead last . . . dead last.

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I am sure Payne is loving that Franchise Tag.


I would have a staff that can accommodate player requests for diet options. It may not need to be a custom meal for each player, but seems like the players should be able to request some options be available on a regular basis.

I would have also thought that the team would have certain local restaurants they work with to provide meals on a rotating basis. That could keep the menu from becoming boring to the players, and be a good thing for the community.

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This isn’t a fact based survey. This is the players perception. Some of which could be wrong. I like that our worst category is nutrition though, because its easy to fix. And that’s whether we fix what we feed them or we educate them as to why the selections are what they are. And heck, it could be the right food but too many white people are cooking it (aka you are serving barely seasoned food to a bunch of southern boys).

I really like this survey though. Pretty cool. I bet its also highly influenced by how old the team is, how many other teams guys have played with and what kind of facilities, etc the guys had in college.


Sure, perception based but — there’s a big difference between A+ and D — it ain’t just perception

Not surprised Cinci ranked so poorly
If I’m a player I would never sign a FA contract with teams that treat players like meat

How do you know?

Good point - a lot of our players may have never seen what other teams provide. It could be they would rate Detroit higher if they were comparing different teams. Maybe not but it is certainly not a scientific survey. But hopefully useful to the team and they take it serious and upgrade where they can.

It’s reasonably intuitive
A vs D = big difference
A bs B or even C I could agree difference is only perceived
But hey, these guys all know each other and they talk

They CAN upgrade — no brainer — for sure on categories where Lions fall short

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And this comes off as a shock?

SF had an A / A- in both of these categories, yet usually have the most injuries. Go figure…

I seem to remember in one of the Hard Knocks episodes there was a fat pack of franks in the fridge in the Oline meeting room. I don’t see what the problem is

But how did they get the beanz on top of the frank?

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ben stiller weiner GIF


The team has a dedicated exec chef. It’s his job to keep the menu up to date and interesting. If he can’t do that and also coordinate with the nutritionist he doesn’t deserve to be the exec chef.

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Nutrition? Pshhh. Talk about taking the fun out of Funyuns. Nothing wrong with double fried butter.