Nick Chubb just got a Willis McGahee kind of knee injury

Well, speaking of Cleveland/Pittsburgh and gruesome injuries…
Shazier flailing his arms with his legs laying still was pretty stinking uncomfortable to witness.

The video is on twitter. What I can’t believe is that he was just sitting there after this, and a team mate actually tried to help him up. So his team mate didn’t know. Crazy.

Marcus Lattimore and Bears TE Zach Olson are probably the 2 worst knee injuries I have seen. Both had dislocations… and the leg was point in ways it never should….

Oh man, that sucks. Damn.

I think you can use the spoiler feature over an image. If not, don’t post here, but it’s fine to link out to it with a warning.


I care! May your fantasy team rest in peace!!


Thanks for changing that
That was gruesome

Jamaal Williams got hurt tonight too. Not sure if it’s serious. All this Monty and J-Will talk for months and they are both hurt less than 2 games into the season.

This is career ender stuff. It’s brutal.

It’s brutal don’t look if this stuff is hard on you to see

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■■■■■■■ disgusting! Oh man show that to high school kids when they say they want to play RB. Good lord that was bad.

Brutal. Just brutal. Feel bad for the guy. RBs are dropping like flies this year.

That was one dirty hit.

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ugh. seeing that makes me feel sick

Worst one of ALL TIME. His knee touched his toes.

And they showed the replay like 20 times lol :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

I didnt know this story. Wow.


And Swift is healthy

the twilight zone GIF

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god I feel bad for chubb that’s horrible. what’s weird is I didn’t see the play I looked up and he was sitting there holding his shin looking pretty normal and I thought maybe he had a fractured shin at first.

then they said they weren’t going to replay the injury and I figured ‘ah…he got folded’

and the same knee? I really wonder if they can rebuild it again with all that damage.

Yeah I have Monty in almost every league , he was my favorite bargain player, you get Gibbs in the 3rd and he was always available late in the draft, I knew he would be strong here with our Oline. And he was producing like a #1 now injury and I’m probably foock. But that was my strategy .