Nick Foles is available

I’d take him over Sudfield in a heartbeat.


No, keep the 2 rookies.


Corrals not a rookie

Don’t have to trade for Corrals.

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Corral = Hurts
Hooker = Geno
Adrian Martinez = Michael Bishop

We got room for all 3


Respectfully, not a chance.

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That’s a blast from the past. You just skipped right past Eli Roberson. Maybe we could sign Chad May to be their QB coach.

It’s a pretty good comp tho!

Bishop was so sweet back then, I used to alway get him as my backup QB in my madden franchise

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Foles would be an upgrade over Sudafed for sure. A backup with playoff experience and a super bowl win, not many teams have that as a backup.


Hurts ran for 3274 yards in college… 5.3 ypc.
Corral ran for 1338 yards in college… 4.0 ypc.

Hurts can squat 600 pounds and deadlift 620 pounds…




Corral…. probably not…

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Same style, obviously not as the same as the super bowl Runner up or else Carolina would just keep him and not traded up for a QB.

Having diversity at the backup QB is a good approach IMO

Corral is a more natural thrower of the football than Hurts IMO. It’s all the other stuff.

Are we talking about the real Sudafed you have to sign for at the pharmacy? Heisenberg loves that stuff.

Hockey players used to smash Sudafed before games back in the day, maybe they still do.

Snort it? Wonder if that’s why they call them line changes?

Haha nowadays they are all smashing adderral which is basically doctor prescribed Meth. Who needs Walter White when you can just go to the doctor and say you have problems concentrating.

Goff’s pipe and BDN??! :thinking:

McVay would not feel good about it……


Interesting note about Foles, I once heard Doug Gottleib talk about the best other sport athlete basketball players he’s ever seen. Nick Foles was one of the names he brought up. I think he said it was in some charity Pro-Am event. He then said that Nick Foles is one of the greatest perimeter jump shooters he’d ever seen. His producer, tryin to clarify, attempted to interject and clarify that he meant in terms of non-basketball player. Doug corrected him. “Nope. Period.”

A lot of pure passers are that way though. Romo and Burrow are apparently amazing jump shooters. Stroud apparently was as well when he played hoops.

So what you’re saying here is Steph Curry would be the greatest QB of all time.

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I think what he’s saying is that some QBs do particularly well at finding their target from more than 3 feet away. Go figure.