No Hyperbole, This Is One of the Worst Screw Jobs in Lions History

Lions have had some of the worst calls in NFL history, not sure I can remember one this bad. He clearly walked up to the official and they throw the flag WAY after the play.


Complete bullshit


Not Lions history. NFL history. But since the Cowboys were the beneficiaries of this, it will be glossed over.


The “did not complete the catch process” was officially dethroned this evening. We are 12-4 in my eyes. FTR.


This one was so egregiously bad and late that it really makes one wonder what that crew is getting paid under the table. No way you can look straight at Decker and still call the wrong number. Insanity.

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As a former referee, I tend to watch the games from the prospective of how is the crew refereeing the game. My wife calls me Dr. FIFA since I also worked a lot of soccer games. I am also a lawyer, so I am all about the rule book–I know it inside and out. We have rules and procedures to minimize mistakes and I am a stickler for following rules and procedures. Can’t help it–it is just what I do. But, after a little over 50 years working games, I have never, ever, seen an official make such a bad call, and certainly not at the NFL level. This was a brain fart of epic proportions, especially since it decided the game. I realize former NFL Referee John Parry was saying after the game that it was Decker’s fault that he failed to communicate that he was eligible, but if Skipper did not say anything, as alleged, it was clearly a fault of the referee. Parry’s comments were just “protecting the brotherhood.”

Let me say also, that Brad Allen handled the announcement in a rather strange way. Normally, with the NFL, as it is broadcast and the referees are miked, the referee makes a public announcement that “so and so has reported as an eligible receiver.” Allen did not do that. If he had, the Lions would have realized he made a mistake and the mistake could have been corrected. Instead, he goes directly to the defense even before Skipper can even reach him to tell the defense that Skipper is an eligible receiver, and the Lions are no wiser. All in all, I feel I have the experience to know when the ref screwed the pooch. And tonight, that is exactly what he did.


It is the worst since I’ve been a fan. 1991. Not the most important but the least defensible.


Haven’t seen a screw job like this since (insert favorite Porn flick).

There’s been many. I can think of a couple in the last 10 years or so, but this one was probably the most costly:
-Pettigrew PI

  • Calvin no catch
    -Tate 10 second runoff

If only our eyes counted for ANYTHING. Seriously, are any of us really so delusional to think they give a damn about our eyes? What will that do toward getting the #1 seed? We’re almost surely screwed out of the #2 seed.
The league saw everything, just like we did, and guess what?
We’re 11-5 in their eyes and if you don’t like it, tough shit.

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I was at the game. Allen announced “Number 70 has reported as eligible,” over the public address system. When Deck caught the pass we went crazy but it also instantly stuck in my craw, “Wait- they announced Skipper…” alas, out came the flag. No doubt Allen screwed up, but what were the Lions to do at that point? Walk over and tell Allen pre-snap to correct it to 68 ? There was really nothing they could do at that point. They were screwed the moment Allen glitched on that number. Should’ve kicked it after that and won it in OT.


It’s not that they have no respect for us.
They disrespect us!

The league, the refs and Jerry f’ing Jones knows they can get away with shit because they can disrespect the Lions!

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This is the biggest screw job in NFL history. NFL speed is insane and calls are missed due to the speed of the game and that happens. This had nothing to do with the speed of the game. This was blatant lying by the head officials to steal a win from the Lions. Brad Allen should never officiate another game.


Allen claims there was another penalty on the play

What bs! 70 was lined up as guard. Decker was outside skipper! That whole explanation was a lie!

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2010 - Calvin Johnson catch
2014 - Pettigrew PI
2015 - Batted ball against the Seahawks
2015 - Devin Taylor facemask leading to Rodgers Hail Mary
2017 - Tate 10 second runoff
2019 - Trey Flowers hands to the face (twice)
2023 - Decker ineligible

There’s also the Jim Schwartz challenge flag fiasco in 2012, although that was Schwartz being an idiot as the play would have automatically been reviewed and called back.

Still, that’s seven wins that the refs have cost the Lions in 14 seasons and I can’t think of any where the opposite has happened and a refereeing call gave Detroit the W.

You left off arguably the worst of all time–the Samkon Gado fumble in the endzone combined with holding in the endzone by GB’s OL at the same time–either way a clear safety.

Flags were picked up.

That’s has to be top 3 and a strong candidate for No. 1.