No longer any love for Howell?

I’ve seen the posts about Willis and Corral, but very few mentions of Howell.

They took out number 9 and u defeated Wake Forest yesterday and nary a peep about him.

He looks fine in the games I’ve managed to catch parts of. Decent enough speed to get some yardage, enough pocket presence to know when to tuck it, more than enough arm to fling it. But he’s completely dropped from the talk of possible targets.

Just wondering why? I know his team is mediocre, but that was expected wasn’t it?

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By end of season he will be back in the discussion. They had as ton of turnaround on offense this year… so he struggled early… they had a ton of ma’s and some awful protection up front… but it looks like they are sorting that stuff out. I think he will get himself back in for the top spot by end of year.

FWIW, he’s 8th on this list. His completion % is down this year, but still not bad. I watched some of the NC game yesterday. He looked good, but not #1OA good.Top 10 college football quarterbacks: Malik Willis' struggles cause slip

Wasn’t even thinking 1OA. Thinking the second first honestly. Currently, and yes I know this will change drastically once the offseason is here, he’s expected to be around late in round one.

I am sure Mitch Trubiskey isn’t helping him.

While I don’t worry about what QB played at a school previously… it seems that some think it is a big deal.

Howell has been criticized at times for locking on to his primary read. He has also had the benefit of a really good rushing offense.

I think it will be interesting to see how athletic is at the combine. Is he more athletic than Baker? Similar to Trubiskey? And… is really 6’1" tall… or shorter?

Neither is Baker. He’s always gotten a ton of Mayfield comps.

He’s got a little bit of Jared Goff syndrome going from a super talented offensive team to Josh Downs and little else.

I can find you high school defenses that are better than Wake Forest.

You can say that about almost every Big 12 team as well.

Because there are so many good prospects out of the Big 12 this year at quarterback.

Rattler was on the hype train until it derailed, feasting off them until he choked.

You and I are kind of on the same page here. When I think of Howell, I see a combo of Trubisky and Baker.

So Jo Jo Domann is legit, amirite? Don’t like bringing up Huskers due to the homer element but he was all over the field yesterday as he usually is.

I like his little receiver Josh Downs. He’s a playmaker.

Samori Toure impressed yesterday… but looks like he might be kind of old (redshirted in 2016).

22.4 ypc this year!

He reminds me of Keelan Cole.

Yep. Downs is an excellent WR. Not available till next draft at the soonest though. 2022 does appear to have better high end WR options though I do like the depth in this class.

Ryan Day has developed head up his ass syndrome these last 2 weeks with his playcalling. I haven’t seen him coach as badly as he has these past two weeks ever in his career.

You’re spoiled. But Domann, what did you think? I think he’d be great for the Anzalone role.

He seems to have really good fundamentals and gave us a bunch of problems. When you get that late in the draft though, you’re really looking BPA and it’s all just chance. I certainly wouldn’t mind it.

If I were in charge I would spend alot of thought into return guys and special teams “aces” for coverage. But we definitely agree on the position players. Years ago you could find a kid that noone else knew about. Those days are pretty much dead. So the late part of the draft is filled with guys with physical traits who suck at football…guys without the physical traits who are good at football but might not be big/fast enough for the NFL…and injured guys who you are gambling on their health.