No respect for the Lions

Looking at the way too early 2020 draft, look where some experts have the Lions:

Todd McShay/ESPN– 23. Detroit Lions Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson

Matt Miller/Bleacher Report– 7. WR Jerry Jeudy, Alabama

NBCSports/Ben Standig– 8. Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

SBNation/Dan Kadar– 4. Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

SI/Eric Single– 7. Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

Sporting News/Bill Bender– 8. Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia

CBSSports/Ryan Wilson– 11. Kristian Fulton CB LSU

Draftwire/Luke Easterling– 5. Raekwon Davis, DL, Alabama

The Draft Network/Trevor Sikkema– 7. Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama

The Athletic/Dane Bruglar- 8. Jerry Judy, WR, Alabama

McShay has them making the playoffs and drafting at #23, but the rest of them have us sucking hind tit once again. And Vegas has the over/under for wins in 2019 at 6.5, I guess not many experts like the Lions this year. Again.

Meh, okay. Be that way. Absent a big number of serious injuries, I ain’t seeing it. I would’ve put that over/under at 8, until I see if they make any more personnel moves and what tey look like in the PS games. And again at this point I think the Lions will draft around #15, give or take. Mostly due to the unknowns, I think the D will be just as good if not better than they were over the back half last year but I dunno yet what to make of the O and the 2TE formations. Plus the ? at RG, I ain’t seeing that getting resolved this year unless somebody seriously ups their game.

6.5? wow, that’s a dis.

I think we can beat that line pretty easily.

Unless we tank for Tua…:wink:

Place your bets then. Pretty sure that’s the line here in town.

PS: The Lions don’t deserve respect.

Yet, anyway.


So, what’s new!
And yeah, respect is earned, not given.


We should be pick #33. Not only are we going to win the Super Bowl, but the league is going to put together a super team to play us and we are going to beat them too!

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yea there is nothing in the history of the NFL that says we deserve respect. You EARN respect, it’s not given ‘just cuz’. I think only the browns have been more futile in their history than us (unless you could the ravens a browns offshoot for a while) and the browns are not respected at all by anyone.

think about this one, when asked to list the top 3 rivals for each NFL team, guess how many of those teams’ fans picked the lions for any of those 3 spots?

None. Not one. Why would they? our division (that we’ve never won) is owned by the other 3 teams. Our previous division the only team we were over .500 against were the bucs, and the bucs at the time were terrible.

Ever look at the record history of us vs. the pack/vikes/bears? we’d have to sweep them for over 10 years, each, just to draw to .500. (it’s amost 18 friggin years with the vikings, good lord)

Until this team can show up every sunday and make a team actually afraid to play us (like those early 90s teams in the silverdome) we’re just a footnote, or just a speed bump to someone elses division title.

You want respect? Earn it.


“Respect is something that you earn.” - Anthrax

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