No thread on the new feature?

We have new emoji’s, to respond to other posers, how did I not realize this was implemented?

Thank you @Nate

Game Show Thank You GIF by Kinda Funny

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Had to go look up a most egregious post to drop a :poop: on it :joy::joy::joy:


I smell trouble brewing with the poop emoji…

shittyreactions GIF


Yea, I’ve been dropping new emoji’s all day, just trying them out. Of course @Jman , saw the :poop: emoji on his post immediately and responded post :poop: haste

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Lol, I hit @Jman with a turd last night.

Couldn’t resist.

I love how this thread literally proved precisely why I didn’t create a thread on it.


That’s not poop. It’s a chocolate chip.

I posted an article about Love deserved to be the highest paid QB in the league and I got pooped on.

poop GIF

Everything looks better in slow motion…

Dave Chapelle Mud Butt GIFs | Tenor

holy crap losing my shit GIF by Chicks on the Rightyou poo head, how dare you throw a shit at me. Fart in your face

I wanted to thumbs up your poop icon. We need sub-emojis to show approval of emojis. @Nate

I wanted to laugh and poop at the same time… but we can’t have everything now can we!?

Next Time Chump GIF

Someone say Choca choca chip?