No Watson trade

It would seem…

Yup, their HC said the same thing. The HC came there because Watson was in the picture.

Translation, if you want him . . . up your offers.

Watson isn’t going to get traded.
But if he does, it’ll happen just before or at the draft.
Anything said right now is just posturing

But he’s not getting traded


Yes, there’s very little that is said in this league that can’t be “unsaid” if the price is right.

A first rounder PLUS for Stafford it is then.

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yessss didn’t want him anyway.

I’m hoping for a 2nd this year and a first next year.

Yeah, I thought people were getting a little ahead of themselves with the Watson talk. This looks to me to play out like a more typical contract dispute. And if both sides are dug in, which they seem to be, this could easily extend through training camp and even the first few weeks of the season before somebody blinks.

All of which is to say, I can’t imagine any team spending very much time or effort on what’s probably a futile attempt to get McNair to let Watson go, especially if egos and pride are now involved.

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Seriously, how can Deshaun even be traded with a dead cap space of $67 mil? This isn’t the NBA.

That’s if he gets cut, it’s like $21M if they trade him.

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The disrespect, referring to him as “player” and not by name.

There is a negative chance Watson ever plays for Houston again let alone 0.