Noah Fant comments on 2021 draft class

Having fun with the dudes, brother. I don’t literally want him to be punched in the face.

Another opportunity for me to be more intentional with my language, and less lazy.


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“A Lot” has a different meaning to all of us. Truthfully, we probably have more readers than dudes that actually post. It’s one of the dangers of lumping everyone together.

I was one of the last to want him run out of town. I truly thought giving them a third year was the way to go.

They can shuttle people in and out of freaking WalMart to the tune of thousands per day. They had unmasked lineman going facemask to facemask all day during the height of the pandemic. We have 3 soon to be 4 vaccines. Multiple treatments. Not ONE COVID death of College Football players that played during the year. It was flat stupid not to have the Combine. Necessary measures could have brought exposure possibilities way down. This just sucks. You cannot really compare speeds this year because everyone is under different variables. I mean I guess it’s possible that highly recruited WR Ja’Marr Chase went from 4.66 in HS to 4.38… but… LSU is a heck of a program…

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The eye test is #1 of course. But I think the old rule of thumb of adding .1 to .15 has actually been pretty accurate so far. I would have expected him somewhere in the 4.48 to 4.52 range. That’s where he is when you correct for it being a pro day.