Just curious. I used to post way (too often) on the old MLIVE Detroit Lions Board in the early 2000’s. I was Tylerdurdan there just like here. I’m sure I recognize a lot of folks username here too. How many of you used to post regularly back in the days of Tom “Killer” Kowalski?

(Sorry if I should have posted this somewhere else in the forum).


Welcome aboard Tyler. I was on the Mlive with Killer as well as this forum from the beginning.
I don’t recall the beginning, but Spike was one of my favorites!


I did.

Bob Gaunt aka Blackhat24 was a good poster on live.


I sure did! I would come here and also go to Mlive. I wrote messages to them to bring back their old message board and they refused, so I only come here. Bill Emkow and his MLIVE team completely lost me about 5 or 6 years ago and I don’t plan on going back.


I really hate what they did to mlive. it’s absolute garbage now.

my username was bvanoctoroon, but I had tons of banned accounts with names that imitated tom’s handle.


I remember those old days… been posting on a Lions forum is some way shape or for since the late 90’s. Welcome aboard!


I was an mliver that went to Nets after it’s demise. Started posting here around 2017

I still post on Nets too and there’s an active thread remembering all the Mlivers from back in the day. RIP Wolvy, Westsidelion, VTLion, and of course Killer

Darko has a board that is a bit of a dumpster fire. But he’s still there. Nets is still going strong. Some old timers still post there


Never poated or even really frequented the MLive forum.

Nate’s board, on whatever platform it was on back on the late 1990s or early 2000s was my introduction to Lions message boards. Back in the “tell’n it like it is” Dom days. Think it might have been the Rivals platform.

Either way it’s when I got addicted to this message board stuff and been following Nate and his followers around ever since.

There really is no better Lions message board around. Been great to see how “The Den” has matured and grown throughout the years.



I post in the Lions subreddit from time to time but it’s mostly a meme production factory. But boanerges posts pretty regularly over there and he does really good work. Used to post here too but he’s been gone for awhile.

Netrat was one of the old time posters who started a board like this one when Mlive ended. It’s not as well trafficked but there’s some good peeps there

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Ah got it.


The plagiarism scandal

Good times

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Did any of you come over from the lions fanatics?


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I was there too.

The founder, Dan Spanos, is still around on Twitter.

I was a big poster on tlf


Netrat is also a cap-focused dude who has maintained and shared Lions cap info like a much scaled down OTC. Like deadstroke, he goes back some time to one of the earlier online cap dudes (Adam somebody or other).

Good dude but his forum became a safe haven for MLive trolls. Imagine a board dominated by JRLion.

As far as nostalgia goes, I spent more time at TLF, The Lions Fanatics. It was well moderated with tighter rules on language.


I think Darkos was more a troll hole. Nets actually has some pretty good content. Just really slow

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Wait a minute I remember him…he’s dead??

Yup. His widow posted and it was really kind of touching how she said how much the Mlive community meant to him. He always came across as a cantankerous hothead but was ‘in real life’ a big softy

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I didn’t post under a handle at MLive….I was just a college punk trolling people but I remember legendary pissing matches between Wolvy and Angry Driver…then Wolvy and the poster named sid….I used to anonymously instigate between those guys they had me busting my guts laughing….wow man

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