Not an April fool's joke: Vontae Davis dead at 35

Really, really sad …

35 years old… shit way too young.


Things definitely got out of hand quick in his life. RIP Vontae.

A few notes as a reminder of who Vontae is/was. He is Vernon Davis’ little brother. Vontae was traded from the Dolphins to the Colts during an episode of Hard Knocks. The shock, confusion and tears on his face sparked a debate about whether the cameras should be rolling when stuff like that happens. When he was cut the GM basically said it wasn’t a talent issue, and if the kid could keep his head on straight he would be a heck of a player. Vontae took that to heart and became a pro bowler with the Colts. He even earned a 4 year $36M extension.

BUT that’s where the good part ends. Davis is also the guy who famously retired from football at halftime of a game. It was the 2nd game of the season. He said right before halftime he just had an overwhelming feeling that he no longer belonged on an NFL field. So he said “I’m done” and walked away.


Wow, younger than me, really really sad…

@Mr.Peabody Thank you for sharing.

Unfortunate for sure.
Sounds like he had some other demons he was dealing with.


In Hard Knocks, the first person he wanted to call was his grandma after being told he was traded from Dolphins.


Just so incredibly sad. Thoughts and prayers to all of his loved ones.


I hate how short life really can be.

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RIP, sad story

So sorry to hear this. What a gut punch with the morning coffee. RIP.

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