Not mad but

Understand lions know more about their team than we will ever know but i feel like a kid at Christmas when your brothers and susters got the gifts i wanted



Can’t lie, a bit irritated. Anyway you slice it our main competition got better. We did jack.

We should have got Chase. Poo poo him to feel better, but there’s no denying the 49ers got better, there’s no denying we would be better with him, and his presence would have significantly helped Hutch.

He’s top 5 in pressure rate, and has i think 5 sacks in 6 games. He’s having a good yr coming off the ACL that limited him the past season and a half.

Some say he took plays off, maybe so, so do a lot of stars, including Carter. We have a great culture, he may have assimilated nicely on a contender. Finding a talent comparable to him at 25 yrs old, for a 3rd, compensatory 3rd at that, is extremely difficult. I trade that 3rd all day. We talk about what a great motivator Campbell is, he should have had the opportunity with Young.

Bottom line. Philly is better, the 49ers got better, the Seahawks got better. We’re sitting here with the same glaring holes going into a playoff push where the odds of getting a 1 or 2 seed is very real. A SB run is possible, and doing nothing, even giving up just a 3rd, when we have 2, doesn’t sit right anyway you slice it.


While i believe it is likely they did get better lets not speak in absolutes. Internal development with a young team is a thing, paschal is healthy and playing houston is coming back next month. Mcneill is growing etc. The rookies are playing well.

Remember a few years back when philly did the super team and added all of that talent, it didnt work out for them. There is something to be said for chemistry and players that do their job.

Like i said, they likely did get better and that will suck if so but nothing in this league is a certainty and injuries are also a real factor as well as the season continues to progress.

I don’t know how Brad can think that we don’t have a huge pour at OCB depth. I know they like Will Harris, and probably Chase Lucas; but come on for a third or fourth round pick you could’ve seriously gotten players better than them. This is what upsets me.

I could agree with that possibly, however, Paschal hasn’t shown that development, and Harris nor the Okwaras are that guy. No one has taken the pressure of Hutch. Young absolutely could have, is very young and loaded with talent. No.2 overall pick and just hitting his stride, hasn’t come close to his potential. A compensatory 3rd was all he cost, we could have offered the lowest 3rd of the 2 and got him.

The 49ers are STACKED on the Dline and they’re pairing him with Bosa. Thats a problem for us. We not only could have had a Hutch/Young tandem paired through Hutch’s rookie deal, now we’ll have to face a Bosa/Young tandem instead.

I can’t make that make sense, not when the cost would be a mid to late 3rd when we have 2 3rds.

I love what Holmes has done, but IMO he whiffed miserably trying to improve a glaring hole, and allowed our competition, to get stronger and better positioned for a SB run. Also feels like a whiff even more when out of the top teams we have the easiest path to the numbet 1 seed.

Next yr we will have the added luxury of a no.1 schedule, and being in position to get the number 1 seed more difficult. Taking a shot on Young an immediate upgrade for so little would not mortgage the future at all. BroMart who we packaged picks for and moved up in the 3rd for, played his 1st game and had 1 tackle.

This should have been a no brainer, the 49ers have got to be in shock they got him so cheap

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What this tells me is The Villian want to jump all over the draft board in April with homefield advantage.

Just no more injured dudes please.

That’s what kills me. He’s done a terrific job adding talent to a poor roster and is ahead of schedule. How many picks do you think make the team next yr?

Then to top it off what are the odds of finding a DE with Youngs talent in the mid to late 3rd?

I know i sound whiny, but this just feels like a complete whiff on a easy decision that helps immediately and the next few yrs

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No, I agree. If you are ahead of schedule, go get Max Scherzer…and now the Rangers are 54 outs from a WS win.


Thanks, lol, somehow that makes me feel better, lol

If a player doesnt give his most then he is disrespecting the team, coaching staff and football itself. The lions believe this. Dan believes this. Go rewatch the MNF football interview. He wants no part of “stars” who half ass it when he has dudes busting their asses, bleeding and playing hurt…he has a 0 tolerance policy. If he is going to bench buggs for multiple games for this type of behavior you better believe he is not going to invite a player INTO this team w that attitude. People need to take a step back think about what chemistry means. The lions are telling you over and over what they want. They send out swift. They dont draft carter…and they tell you…and still people want guys don’t fit…just bc on paper they are more talented. Brad believes they can draft guys, study them for months and bring them in. Trust the process.


Not just on paper, name me just 1 DE we have with better numbers?

To top it off if he doesn’t fit, you most likely get a 3rd compensatory pick back. So what risk?

It’s a no brainer, a a change of scenery getting out of the mess in Washington may have been all he needed

correct - but price tag-to-cost ratio? …factored in with gritlessness

Bad move, IMO. Just because you improve the team w/him doesn’t make it the long term move.

Very possible, indeed…but a gamble the bald one was not willing to take.

…& we will improve just as much from within…cuz we do every year. Watch what happens when these young’n’z have another 1/2 season of working together, in conjunction with muuuuch better health.

100%! WE’ll be better after the. bye just on health alone.

this is what I have been predicting for 2 years now → packaging picks to move up! out lower picks go to rebuilding teams (like the vikings), and get paired with players that are “bubble players” and that’s how we move up to acquire new talent for cheap.

Not likely that you would…however, consider cap implications, as well as acquiring a badass through my packaging strategy (which I believe holmes will do)

You’ve been consistently awesome for YEARS…you get a lot more slack than the eternal negative nancies, my bro.

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It wasnt a no brainer to brad and dan. They want no part of guys who half ass it…

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I understand an endorsement from me probably feels…complicated…

I think you risk the team chemistry and undermining everything you’ve built up for one, like @QBHATER90 said. Also it’s not just a comp pick necessarily if we sign more guys, and whatever money is left on his contract is taken away from next years money that would’ve otherwise rolled over.

I get what you’re saying, on the surface it’s not mortgaging the future and you’re right at face value. But I think there’s a lot more to it we aren’t seeing and the Lions had very good reasons for not doing it.

Holmes has shown he’ll be aggressive, so there has to be other reasons

Edit: to add, he takes away snaps from guys you are trying to develop like Paschal, Okwara, Houston when he comes back in what could be a very foundational year for the long term health of the team.


This, with Young was obvious.

Was Rasaul Douglas though? Thats the one I’m Kwesi about


LOL, truer words


YES!!! To make exception for a culture non-fit is no different than making exception for someone who sleeps during meetings or shows up late. Can’t do it because the entire team is watching.