NOTEBOOK: Jacobs worked for more INTs, now tied for NFL lead

Yknow, we were all up Analzone’s …wait, bad metaphor…

We were all pretty red assed about Analzo…dangit.

We were pretty upset Alex played like crap at the outset of his career here.

Then we were tolerant as he improved

Now we are pretty stoked that he is Killing It!, and realized he was ina bad spot at first (Jamie Douchebag Collins)

I see the same cycle with Jacobs…


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Bored Meh GIF


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Prestige Worldwide baby!

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A noticeable trend is players improving. Jacobs, Alim and Barnes all showing huge growth in year 3 and yes that’s what she said. @BigNatty


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should maybe change his nickname to Department store Thor

Some high end play happening there


1 800 ANAL ZON

Call now.


Calling him Analzone is “our thing.” If you take that away, that means we have “NO thing.” So without our thing, we are nothing.

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Maybe Twilight Zone is a better nickname. Next thing you know the camera will pull back and we are all just action figures for an alien race

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Incredible, huh?
A couple of my buddies came to blows over St. Brown sucking 6 weeks into 21.
He too has gotten better every season.

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