Nothing but respect for Stafford

The Stafford’s are still giving back to Detroit. Great job and they will always have my support and respect.


We could always use a backup to compete with Hooker :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dude is class. I will always support him except when he is playing the Lions.


Stafford has had my support every day except January 14, 2024.


Love him - love his leadership style, love his playing style.
…the nitpick → I sure do like his Detroit teeth and hair better…he got ‘pretty’ when he spent too much time in LA…

He is still very gritty, he just doesn’t look it. Let’s get him a pack of razors and see how that goes.


Their love for Detroit is real

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He was always just a flat out good dude.

I didn’t like the decision he made to ask for a trade because it hurt me as a fan of him and the team, but I respect the hell out of the 12 years he spent with the Lions, and I can also totally understand him wanting to do the best for himself by trying something new.


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