Now it all makes more sense

Stafford listed his home in Bloomfield mid May 20’. The Lions had virtually zero discussion with Jones or Golladay.

The hired a draft guru as part of a “committee.” They hired a rough and tumble first time HC to a “6 year deal.”

They will be top 1/3 of league in cap space with Stafford gone.

They will get at least a mid 1st, up to 2 firsts (late this and next year- Colts?), but likely a 1 and 3, maybe 1 and 2 etc

I think Campbell believes in J Davis still, could be a reclamation project. Collins still has some juice. Flowers, Hand, Okudah, AO, Walker, and Harris could. E decent. Optimistic for Bryant, Penisini, and J Okwara.

Sign Okwara to 3 year deal. Sign a FS veteran.

Let’s say we get Colts first and 2nd.

M Parsons
Mac Jones


Okwara/B Dupree

Safety stud

Golladay/A Rob/Juju/Godwin

Fitzmagic QB

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Frustrating that the Lions didn’t cut bait after last season. Before BQ could wast valuable cap space on Trufant and Vaitai. Before he could trade away draft picks for Griffin.

It sucks we delayed the inevitable

I doubt he comes here. I think he will end up on a team that can actually make some noise

But I wouldn’t sign a QB and I wouldn’t draft one this year.

I’d dump the dead weight on the roster.

Let Griffin, Golladay, M. Jones, Amendola, etc hit free agency and sit back and collect the comp picks. I’d rebuild through the draft for a year and fix what I can.

Without a QB and decent WR’s we’d be lucky to win more than a few games and be picking at the top of the draft next year. Then I’d take the top QB prospect in the 2022 draft.

Use the 2022 free agency and all the cap space to plug holes.

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Makes sense but my patience has taken a beating over the last few decades. I will grit my teeth once again and hope this is the last rebuild for a while.