Now that we have the division wrapped up

Time to shift focus to the Eagles, 49ers , and maybe Cowboys. Unless we finish 1st over all, we will have to go win in one of these places. Can we do it?

We won some big road games, but this is the playoffs I’m talking.

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Its week 4. Lets slow it down


Yeah, I get it. Cart and horse and all that. But it’s an interesting discussion. Right now, what does the most likely playoff scenario look like? Of the elite NFC teams, who do you think we match up well against? Who do we match up poorly against? We’ve had a run of tough, hard fought, but ultimately disappointing games against Seattle, for example. Would you want revenge in the playoffs? Or would you want to avoid them?

Personally, I don’t fear the East. The Cowboys have been more bark than bite for years, and we seem to play pretty well against the Eagles. There’s not a whole lot going on in the South, and we’re currently in the driver’s seat in the North. That leaves the 49ers and Seahawks in the west. I think the 49ers are the better team, but I don’t really feel like playing them in SF would be any harder than playing them at home. I wouldn’t want to play Seattle in Seattle, though.

SF, Dallas and Philly all have great potential to hand us our ass, because they have more than legit defenses. our offense has a maddening ability to go into a shell at inopportune times and against an actual good defense we might not recover from that.

We need to win our non division NFC games this year.

We were 5-1 in the north and didn’t win the division because we lost too times to NFC teams not in our division.

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Best way to prepare for SF and Philly is to get our players healthy and focus on the game in front of us.
String some wins together, and player build confidence and chemistry. This team has the ingredients if we can avoid disastrous injuries.

I do believe that is 8-1 in the last 9 division games.

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anger delete GIF by Nasty The Horse

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You can’t type stuff like this where the angry Lion-hating football gods can see it. You’ll incur their smiting.

I actually think it is a great topic (i.e. how do we compete against the top teams in the NFC), but the wording man! You’re freaking me out!

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We’ve been scared of posting like this when we had good teams. Hasn’t worked for 30 years, time to try something different.

We know we’re good, you know we’re good, they know we’re good. We got plans to win the NFC and SB.

Can’t wait to find out. IMO we’ll give any of them a helluva game.

I have already gone here in my head.

Listen I do not think any team in the NFC can beat Philly/SF in back to back weeks. These teams in particular in my opinion are too physical. So the only way the Lions make it to the SB this year is to be the 1 seed. Now this can be done. Both Philly and SF are playing the 1st place schedule so they have some tougher games than the Lions.
But for the Lions to get a 1 seed they will likely need to be 14-3 or better. That is a really big ask. But when looking at the Lions schedule, I do not see any clear danger games outside of Dallas. Yes there are some tough road games. And the Chargers are putting up a boat load of points. I am not saying this would be easy. But for this to even be possible they can not lose more than 1 more game to an NFC opponent. You can lose to Chargers or Ravens but the Dallas game is a must win to get a 1 seed.

And this is absolutely not too soon to discuss. Last season Mahomes came out like week 2 and was screaming that his teams needs to focus their asses up because they wanted that home cooking for the playoffs. When you are looking to win it all you have to be planning and scheming all the time.

I do not think the Lions can be a 2/3/4 seed and beat SF and Philly back to back. But if they do then I like their chances in the Super Bowl.

The likely scenario is Philly/Sf 1-2 and then the Lions/Dallas 3-4. I do not see right now Philly/SF being 1 & 4. Which would also work to only play one of those teams.

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I just hope it’s at home for the NFC title. (and I know we play dallas late, but by that time we’re 13-2)

Anything can happen in the playoffs :man_shrugging:

Should we just get all their super bowl ring sizes now and get the jeweler working on them? sheesh…

Agreed there’s a lot to be excited and concerned for.


this is the new preseason. We’re getting ready for the post season. Start paying more attention to “Peaking at th right time” & keeping guys healthy for playoffs by using depth when it makes sense. Still make sure you win, but keep your main guys healthy.


Wrong! Time to focus on Carolina. They beat us last season, and again in preseason.
They stole two of our coaches and a couple players.
We can’t look past any team. That’s how the Hags come into our house and win.


We’re gonna bomb their ass. Nuclear submarine vs a row boat. Game over.