Obinna Eze featured on GMFB

Pschrags did a bit on interesting players stories ….
and Obinna Eze was on of his 10 guys.



havent heard his name much in the reports

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Sadly, the only thing I know about him is his hot tub talk with Hutch.

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He was always going to be a Bubble roster or PS guy. He’s just too raw not to be.

However he has the length every OL coach covets.

The Lions knew he was a project and they drafted him with that in mind. I suspect their plan all along has been to get him to the PS. However he has the physical attributes you want in a starting OT.

I suspect he starts on the PS and the Lions will pull him up later in the season to protect him.


It’s super-fun to root for dudes like this.

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I remember ppl saying this about Ansah, because he had very little experience and started playing late. I was watching Ansah’s hi lights during the draft thinking…this dude has no experience and he’s sniffing out Screens and reverses like that…he’s got great instincts.

I think this dude could have great instincts too, though he may be a project.
Gonna be fun to watch and root for him.

He was an UDFA but Lions paid him $170,000, meaning he’s a guy they really liked.

That makes sense. No one will want to carry him on their 53 for the whole season, but with 3 or 4 games left, bottom feeders could poach him. Depending on our playoff prospects, injuries and Eze’s progress, we might well protect him.

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