OBJ to the fins

1 year deal

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So over hyped and overpaid and over the hill. Is there another player with so much lore from a couple of good seasons and a handful of highlights? I think not.


3 td’s last year and 565 yards, which was his best yards logged since 2019

‘Glory days’ long behind him.

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Is he even a good teammate? I am only asking I literally have no idea. When with the Giants he seemed like a me before team type of player. And this is likely way unfair as I tend to not overly focus on other teams. So I am merely commenting from afar.

I can see it if he is a mentor type. But as someone you expect to give you any performance? Literally it has been 5 years since he was even worth throwing at. And I am not even sure if he can run routes. I feel like all his highlights are circus catches on go routes and fades. Yes the dude has great hands and body control. But there is way more to the position. Listen to Calvin discus how he actually preferred coming out of the slot so he had more routes and more targets and catches. It is interesting.

Listen this NFL game is so interesting and complex. It is like the discussion on a QBs INT. Was it really the QB or the WR or even the off WR who did not run their clear out deep enough so they did not pull the safety enough. The details are insane and so crucial to the overall success of a play.

They can have him.


Exactly last year the Ravens paid him close to 20 mill for 1 season. Ridiculous overpay for a cooked talent with bad knees.

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we have been losing players almost daily at least three of them now-my question is do we get anything back?

I would have offered him vet minimum just to piss him off.

Joe Namath

For perspective Kalif Raymond had 4 TDs and 576 yards in 2021.

By all accounts OBJ is a great teammate and people around the league love him. That’s also why his legend is so big and players keep pushing for their team to sign him. One very important detail is that OBJ puts in the work like Amon-Ra. His work ethic is something the people that know him love about him. Even the ultra famous 1 handed catch wasn’t a fluke. He had spent years practicing 1 hand catches in practice and even pre-game. If it was something he might encounter in a game…OBJ spent time trying to be ready for it.

Brad loves OBJ and he spoke about him last offseason. Brad used OBJ as an example of loving a player but having a budget based on “role.” I think OBJ’s role and contribution in 2023 was exactly what the Lions staff communicated to Brad and how Brad saw OBJ’s place on the team. So while Brad would have loved to throw a bunch of money at OBJ because of how much he likes him as a player, he assigned a dollar value based on the role and contribution. Brad said there was a huge disconnect, so OBJ wasn’t a real option. I love the fact that the staff is honest in how they would use a player. And I definitely love that Brad listens and budgets appropriately. Then he said he tries not to move off of that number to chase the player if the role and contribution doesn’t justify it.

No it wasn’t, but it was 10 years ago. I have no problem with the player, but someone else can have him.

How much did he get?

You think like Brad Holmes. At a press conference that he likes OBJ as a player but the economics of signing him didn’t make sense. OBJ had 35 catches for 565 yards and 3 TDs in 2023. That is literally the usage and production level that Brad described why he didn’t sign OBJ prior to the season. He liked the player. But once he spoke to the coaches and understood OBJ’s role and usage, the dollar value was much lower than what OBJ ended up signing for. Brad likes players just like any other GM. But Brad prioritizes role and usage based on feedback from the staff. Its a wonderful thing.