Obligatory James Houston NFFC thread

Figured we might as well start this now…So, is he playing at San Fran?


I mean…maybe?


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60% of the time, he plays every time.


He will definitely play. Unless he doesn’t. Then he won’t. Maybe.


He will play when its in the best interest of the team for him to play.

No reason to doubt the brass on their personnel decisions at this point.

Proof meet pudding.


Prob not, he’s clearly more of a turd than the oppo Hutch side turd that’s a turd :man_shrugging:

100% correct.
I recently saw an old mike Tyson interview… he was talking about the difference between being fit and healthy and being in actual fighting shape. MASSIVE dIfference!

Houston not in fighting shape right now, though he may be 100% “recovered” & healthy.

FOr me, not really that difficult of a concept to grasp, but some cats are not wanting to believe it/believe in it.


if he gets another week of full practices every day, I would be surprised if he didn’t play. They put them on the roster for a reason and it wasn’t to sit every game.

Well, I’m pretty sure he will have a good week of practice, in all likelihood, he will be in a better place this week than he was last week. At this point we just don’t know, he’s out there, he’s putting in the work, and he’s better now than last week.

We will just have to wait see how he looks today, but he is putting in the work.


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When he can inpact the game more than the last guy on the bench he will be activated. Trust the coaches. They got us this far.

James Houston

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We can only hope that he is ready to join Hutch and Alim in making Purdy a mess.

If he doesn’t play I’m convinced the staff isn’t seeing anything in practice that matches what he did on field last year.

I am a big believer in this staff on almost everything. The Houston stuff makes me nervous though

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Can he play TE?

I want someone to make the case for Romeo Okwara. At this point, why isn’t Charles Harris back in there, let alone Houston? Like, WTF am I missing? There is no production from an entire side of the defensive line, and hasn’t been for weeks.


Yup. The sack production has come from Hutch, and guys blitzing from the second and third level. We should hold a funeral service for John Cominsky because from a production standpoint he’s been dead for months.

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Cominsky, Romeo, Harris, Paschal…are all nothing falafels with extra hummus.

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I trust this staff with player development. They’ve earned that trust by making guys like Iffy, Barnes, McNeill, Kirby, and JaMo better. I’m wondering if that is what is holding Houston back? It seems more likely its injury, but I remember even in the beginning of the season they were expecting more out of him

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When you have this…

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