OCyrus Torrence studies Penei Sewell

This dude at 18 like Decker and Ragnow
Or trade up to bottom of round 1

QB at 6 and a RB at 18. Now trading up in the 1st to grab a guard. I swear you guys are begging me to drink today. All kidding aside I think we do draft a guard around the 3rd round.


When it’s all said and done, I bet we go Defense at 6 and Offense at 18.

Then defense heavy. Just like last year


I like him a lot. I love Wright from Tennessee. I’d be happy w either.

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I think Wright moves much better. I’d strongly prefer him over Torrence. More positional versatility as well.


Yeah if we draft Torrence, it means we’re changing what we ask of our guards. That’s why I rarely mock him to us even though I love what he does in a phone booth.

Put the all you can eat lunch buffet places around the D out of business.

A guy I was thinking about that I think would fit really well is Chandler Zavala. Played multiple positions and moves really well for 320lbs OG. Potentially 3rd round pick if he makes it to us.


Wright moving in to RG and playing next to Sewell. Talk about the ability to reset the line of scrimmage.

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@QBHATER90 @CuriousHusker @WestCoastLionsFan

Why do you guys wanna draft a tackle and move him to Guard as opposed to just selecting the best guard?

I’m open to taking the right OG but it has to be one with plus mobility. If we are going to run the same style of offense that we did last year then we need OGs that can pull off our more demanding pass sets. If you remember that play where Burns got a free rush bc Evan Brown couldn’t pull and get over there fast enough. Torrence has no shot to make that play.

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I think Wright might be able to. I think Mauch can. Patterson might be aboe to. Not sure about Avila. Broecker probably can.

I haven’t watched him a lot… but he flashed some sweet feet at the Shrine Bowl… especially for a dude his size. I definitely want to look at more of his game.

Side note…, his dad Demetrio is a 2-time champion on Chopped… so easy to see him keeping his weight up!

Wright is special. Insanely strong, and quick. He is versatile. So if injuries happen he can play either. If they decide not to extend decker one the future he can play RT and penei goes to lt….gives you options.

I like both. Lions like SOMEONE down in Florida to go 6 times lol. :man_shrugging:t2:

Position versatility is very important.

Let’s say you have the following 3 players equally ranked on your board at our pick, a RT you think projects well to kicking inside to RG, an OC that you think projects well to playing RG or lastly, an OG that has only played OG, has never snapped a ball in his life and isn’t athletic enough to play OT.

Injuries will happen. You hope that don’t but having 300 pound guys slamming into each other in close quarters will ultimately lead to injuries. Plan for it by having guys that can play various positions available.

Teams generally don’t carry 10 offensive lineman into the season (1 starter and 1 back up for each position). 8 or 9 are the common numbers.


If Lions want him take him at 18 he will be gone before bottom of rd 1 Unless he really sucks at interviews or combine. I have no problem at 18 an start him at ROG If they release Big V

Avila will make that play You will see in combine the guy can play whole dam OL

I think Avila is much more likely to be a fit for us than Torrence, but we’ll see when he tests.

I’d like to see us draft two OL. One in day 2 and one on day 3. Preferably with with position possibility. We got lucky injury wise on the OL. One more big injury might have been crippling. We desperately need better depth there.

Agree we carry I think 8 also Big V was signed as a ROT while one reason his cap so high an he sucked an I wanted him when we signed him as FA. That said he turned out when they moved him to OG to be better than average,

You want a OLman to be able to move to other positions during game. Rag can play OG to finish a game if you only have a pure back up Center Brown plays both OGs an Center We have backup OTs that play both