Off. Wr flexibility - pick your poison!

We have something we have never had before imho…

Each of the last three games a different WR was tops for Matt!

Wk1 - DA 7-104yds 1TD
TJ. 6-131yds 1TD
Wk2 - KG. 8-117yds 1TD
Wk3 - MJ 6-101yds 1TD

We are good enough at wr and tie that whoever is gameplanned for the others step up And TJ had to help blocking as well!

When was the last time we had each game for three in a row where Different players stepped up?!

This is having a real OC and a QB knowing to not lock into one person!!

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And Matt is rocking a 5.6% TD ratio … highest in 8 yrs!! Yep! We went to the playoffs that yr baby!!

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I was talking to the wife yesterday after the game about the same thing. 4 different players in 3 games have reached over 100 yards receiving. I also expect that if things keep going in this direction, the Lions should see less 8 man boxes which will open the run game up, if they keep going in this direction.

That is pretty awesome. I agree that our WR and TE group is pretty solid across the board.