Offenses are Too Good These Days

In my opinion the rules are too skewed towards the offensive side of the ball these days. Games are almost boring to watch even though there’s a lot of scoring. This just isn’t happening with the Lions games but with the other games that I’ve been watching recently. Wide receivers running wide open needing passes that even my 57 year old ass could complete. Seems that the only way offenses are stopped nowadays is if they stop themselves. Hard or impossible to be a dominant defense in the NFL these days.


I agree. If I wanted to watch a league with all scoring and no defense I’d watch arena league games.


I haven’t seen that on this team


Basketball has the same problem (NBA). The way they space now and are able to shoot so well from the outside has made the game boring to me. Which is weird to say, but true.

Week 1 supposedly the lowest EPA per play in a week since 2000.

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Allowing as much offensive line holding as they do is part of the problem. And what irks me is they are inconsistent with how they enforce it.


Counterpoint - KC 17 Jags 9.

I agree. It’s known that the league wants franchise quarterbacks protected, and allowing holding is one way to help do that, but it seams some franchises are better protected than others.
That’s why it doesn’t surprise me when we don’t get any pressure or sacks, when it seems like we should.

The three best teams in the NFC all have top tier defenses and mediocre offenses. Cowboys, Eagles, and 49ers.

I strongly disagree with this whole post.

That game looked kind of sloppy at times. There was actually a sequence in the 2nd quarter where the Chiefs fumbled and the Jags recovered. Then on the next play the Jags fumbled and the Chiefs recovered. Then 2 plays later the Chiefs threw an interception! That all of that came after the Chiefs muffed a punt and the Jags recovered, but the Jags couldn’t score and had to settle for a field goal.

All 3 of those teams have top 5 offenses.

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According to who? Maybe the 49ers.

In terms of total offense (just the NFC):
Rams – 822
Lions – 796
Vikings – 777
Saints – est 770

49ers – 773
Eagles – 719
Cowboys – 654

Where are the scoring stats? You have to weigh both of them in. The Vikings are 18th in scoring. They have a lot of yards because they are playing catchup and can’t run the ball for shit. The Cowboys are destroying people so they aren’t winging in late in the game like the Vikings. The Cowboys were 1st in scoring in 2021, 4th in 2022 and 1st right now in 2023. That has to be weighed against yardage and situations.

Either way I can’t wrap my head around calling top 5 scoring offenses “mediocre.” The Eagles were 3rd in scoring and 3rd in yardage last season and return the same cast of characters. They are not “mediocre.”

I strongly disagree with it too. There were only 37 TD passes in week 1. That’s barely 1 thrown by each QB. Scoring was also way down.

There definitely isn’t too much offense. Maybe if you only watch the Lions the last 3 years.

And the Eagles D has given up 48 points in 2 games (plus a shitload of yards), while the Niners just allowed Puka Nacua and Kyren Williams to have monster games against them.

Down-to-down defense is very difficult to play in the NFL, and year-to-year almost impossible. You can have a great year or maybe even 2, but mostly you fade back to the pack like the 2015 Broncos, the 2017 Jags, and the 2018 Bears. Offense is much stickier year-over-year, because the rules are designed to keep it that way.

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I honestly forgot that the 2018 Bears had a good defense.

First year after the Mack trade I believe, and if I’m not mistaken, they still had Fangio. They were annoyingly elite. Then Fangio left, Mack played dinged up, and they faded into oblivion.

Offenses are Too Good These Days!

AG agrees! :wink: Someone put Geno Smith in the hall of fame already.

Mediocre offenses eh? Try all three are in the top 5 scoring offenses in the league.

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