Offensive players leading with their helmets

Is it legal for offensive players to lower their helmet and lead with their helmet?
If so, how is this still legal in todays NFL that is trying to reduce concussions and CTE?
A defensive guy can’t bump his helmet into an offensive players helmet but somehow an offensive guy can lead with his helmet?!?!?

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Here is Jacobs and he totally lowers his helmet to spear the defender.

All the rules favor offense, not easy to be a defensive player these days. You will also notice offensive players never get fined for hits.


Yeah, the second thing I wanted to bring up is all these stupid Pass Interference penalties. All Carr keeps doing is underthrowing all his passes to Devontae and getting the PI. Fuq dat, if you underthrow the pass, let the defender run into the WR, this isn’t fun to watch.


It’s the Offense’s body’s choice! How dare you!


Don’t reward the offense for the QB underthrowing passes.
If it’s underthrown, tough shit for the offense.

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You also cant touch some qbs

Even deon sanders would struggle from time to time with these rules.


Yea pretty hard to be a shut down corner in todays NFL.

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