Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

Cardinals select Kyler Murray!

Poor dude has to play the Lions in week 1!

We don’t exactly have the best record against rookie QBSs in Week 1 …

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Allen or Williams to Jets?

LOL. You got that right, Nate. I’m still thinking this guy’s in trouble come week 1

If he’s even the starter. AZ claims theyre fine with keeping Rosen until the price is right.


Just saying.

Can we get Quinnen Williams a translator?

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Lol. My wife looked at me with her eyebrows raised when he was talking. I reminded her that a lot of these guys aren’t getting into college because they killed it on the SAT.

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Just sounded like he had marbles in his mouth.

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And there the Raiders go with their yearly WTF pick.


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Ah, Vegas is going to have so much to be upset over by the time they get here. I look forward to the fire.

LOL - that’s funny, dude!

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So much for Mayock making a difference.

I swear those kids only get up there so the crowd will finally stop booing Goodell.

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Goodell gets a break from the booing by handing the mike to a cancer survivor. Yup, that’s how much we loath him.


We may get a chance at Josh Allen yet!

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