***Official Gameday thread: Houston Texans vs Detroit Lions Turkey day game***


I wonder if I can do split screen on my TV so I can also be watching Zach Wilson highlights during the game, maybe that’ll make it easier.

When the game is done going to put the spatchcock Turkey on the grill. Was able to find a small one only 8.25 lbs, should only take 60-90 minutes.

Who is the QB in that picture? It looks kind of like Mitchell but wrong number.


As I said in another thread.

Up down theory, Lions find a way and win today.

Looking forward to the eats, the game, not so much.

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losin…on a Thursday afternoon :musical_note:

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Gus Frerotte

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Almost time for the beatdown in Motown baby Go Blue !!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families.


Happy Thanksgiving -try not to blow a gasket watching this game to all be safe !!!

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Good call!..and is that Greg Hill?

Yep. 1999. Here is a write up of the game.


thought Stafford was out??

We are out of weapons and the way they play will say a lot about whether the team wants to see Patricia hang around. I just don’t see any weapons to compete. Watson is already playing well and our secondary and pass rush makes weak QB’s look good. I don’t see how they can score enough to keep up with a short week to prepare with no weapons. Houston 35 Lions 17

Kudos to the kid that did the national anthem. Well done, young man.

Nice rendition of The National Anthem.

Cameras should have kept on him the whole time. Great voice.

Go Lions!

Yep. I just lost all respect for Staff.

How us that not delay of game by Watson?