Official Lions @ Bears Game thread

Go Lions get that W, no injuries and lets see the team come together and enjoy themselves !

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I would like Bevell to get this team going. If that were to happen, I wonder what his chances are to be the full time Coach(I am on the Saleh train myself right now) but he shouldn’t be counted out until we see what he can do.

Kerryon needs to be used more today. Cephus needs more targets. Lets see what we have.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring MORE pressure today


Go Lions!!!

I will say, I’m very excited for the change and to see what might happen…

That being said, all the Indians Jones movies are on tv today, and if this game gets out of hand… we’ll, I may be tempted to flip the channels.

Who am I kidding, I won’t do that. But it is a thought…

Don’t play like Inner City Kitties and find a moth3rfookin Bear trap for these Bit#3z ! # Bear Down !

No serious injuries. All I want.

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Ions win next 5, make playoffs, rip through and win the SB, fire Bevell anyway, Hire Jim to come from Ann Arbor, the quickly return to the basement for another 50 years, but we can tell our grandchildren, we were there, we saw the SB title

we can’t tackle.

We even let Patterson return?

nothing like great field position

Nothing different here

Unfortunately Fox does not kick it very deep.

I’m sure it’s a bit windy there, seems like he typically kicks it out of the end zone

Nice stop

well we don’t know tackle either.

Fox is mostly unable to kick it deep into endzone. My only knock on him.

After that return I’ll take only 3

Pretty sure that was Prater kicking off, which was also weird. I will need to see if I can look it up to confirm it

Yes, seems like I even saw Tavai with some decent pass coverage on one down so that’s a welcome change

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Not as often as he should

Nice catch Sanu

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