**** Official Lions @ Cowboys Game day Chat ****

1pm today on CBS. The 1-4 Lions face the 4-2 Cowboys. This should be a close battle as the Lions are just a 6.5 under dog.

Let the talks begin. Go Lions!

34-20 cowgirls. Hutch gets 2 sacks today. Goff and st Brown go off today

My prediction is that Dan Campbell pulls off a stunning upset as he goes for it 7 times on 4th down and converts all of them. The most brilliant decision by Dan Campbell is when he goes for it on the first series when Goff is sacked, followed by two holding penalties. With the Lions on 4-23 and backed up to their own 2 yard line Dan decides to go for it. Claiming the analytics said he should call a RB dive play. Jamal Williams busts free for his longest career run and that gives the Lions the confidence to go for it on 4th down 6 more times. Including on the game winning drive where the Lions converted a 4th and 48 after Mikah Parsons sacked Goff 3 times in a row forcing the Lions into a 4th and 48 situation. Parsons who schooled the Lions OT’s all day for a career best 15 sacks had this to say.

Man I really wanted the Lions to draft me. I was so hurt they chose to draft an OT over me. I really wanted to show the Lions the mistake they made and I was well on my way to doing it. Coach told me to sit home and don’t blitz because he was sure Campbell would go for it and call another run play. I should have listened but I was convinced they would pass it. This loss is on me. That Dan Campbell is a genius who would have expected they would go for it over and over again on 4th a long. Never punting once. Brilliant coaching.

Ok I can dream can’t I…. lol

A little hope mixed with a little sarcasm. Go Lions!


I actually think you guys have a good shot providing you take care of the ball and avoid game changing BS 3rd down phantom calls


Injury free win baby!! :crazy_face::pray::heart::upside_down_face::+1:

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Dan Campbell pulling up to AT&T Stadium


Lions win 31-30 on a FIELD GOAL as time runs out!
I did sneak some kool-aid this morning…oh yeah


What did you pour in your coffee this morning, and do you have any of it left?

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I started drinking early to hide the pain.

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Onside kick 2 of 6?
A new moment in strategy.

Tank for Bryce

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Cowboys win 45-7.

I wanna type 10 for the Lions score but I can’t expect Campbell to use his kicker. He has his line in his head. Too bad that line for analytics says go for it. Which he will do.

Goff out by the start of the 3rd quarter too. Done for the season. Ultimate tank and excuse rolled into one.

Lol, Ed Wurder reports that Dak personally chose to come back to play specifically against the Lions, when he probably would have sat out one more game it weren’t against the Lions this week…
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Damn right he did! He isn’t stupid. Gotta put them fantasy numbers up when the opportunity presents itself.


Michael Brockers is inactive!!!

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What’s the point of keeping him on the team if a captain is a healthy inactive!?

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Detroit Lions inactives:
RB D’Andre Swift
CB Will Harris
DL Michael Brockers
DL Charles Harris
S Ifeatu Melifonwu
T Matt Nelson
DL Demetrius Taylor

An busted out current Rams players for Brad Quinn to sign next season?