**** Official Lions vs Packers game day thread ****

I’m leaving early for the ferry to Wisconsin to see the Lions beat the Packers in Lambeau. So I’m getting the thread started ahead of time.

Let’s get this party started with a video breaking down the matchup. There’s a little subliminal message in there in reference to my user name too. This is a great matchup video that covers some important factors in the game. Enjoy!

How to watch or follow the game.

Packers roundup

What Dan Orlovsky has to say about Jordan Love.


How the Packers see it hype video from Packers daily. Click on it and goto Twitter to see it. Definitely worth it.

Packers view on the matchup.


I recommend you all click on every link there’s some great content in there.

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I’m in Wisconsin, every Packer thinks their team is better. NPC’s


Same for Lions fans …. An epic matchup that could decide the division. I’m expecting a battle.


Yep this team better be ready to play. Green Bay is out to put stop to the hype. This board has dogged Love for awhile like Fields but he looks to be coming around. They got some weapons and there defense has been pretty good I read. I’m waiting to see witch team shows up the Seattle team or Team that handled the Falcons. You can’t take this division game lightly . Thurdays night national stage and sets the stage for who wins division .

I think we’re a better team and I think Goff makes us that. I look for us to win. But they can’t take this game lightly to important.


I to think it will be a fight-but I give us the edge for a W. I do wonder what the refs will do…

I’ll be a game time decision.

(Always wanted to write that here)


@wolfcub36 checking in *

Fox, Gibby & Sewell could take their entire team out by themselves

Could’ve stopped at “Fox”

Almost did. People think I’m being a homer.

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@Weaselpuppy, let’s go to the game. That’s an order.


Holy ■■■■■■■ handsomeness, if that happens!

Only because you don’t live in GR, buddy.

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Sure do love the idea of going with you guys, that’s for damn sure!

Get your ass to Grand Rapids.

I really get to do that. Been spending SO much time/energy working.
I make a fuckton of $$ on weekends, and am all about positioning, right now.
Short term “sacrificing” to do bigger/better/more things SOON!!!


Good. Homes in GR are going up in prices. Save your pennies and get here.

Love the idea of having a MI place, that’s for damn sure.
I’m eventually going to be buying a property that I can host retreats at. Seriously considering both MI for that too. That would get me up there A LOT