Official Other games Gameday thread -- Keep it here!

Tom is falling apart?!?

Too much avocado ice cream

Something like that lol.

Easy fella, aint over yet…

I swear I am a jinx

Dude was open. Both of the tds tampa scored came on 3 pi by NO.

Tbay def is really good. Hint lion’s fast lbs are key

Wow that kickoff was insane by the Saints. Brilliant.

I guess that is keeping the foot on the gas. Look at this Saints vs. Bucs game. Wow. They are just loving pissing off Tom.

Patriots with Tom Brady beat Saints today?

The Rams are laying the wood to the 'Boys everywhere but the scoreboard. Game of the day!

Thank god. I HATE the cowgirls.

The Cardinals beat the 49ers WTH?

That’s great. Can’t stand the 49ers.