Official “tank to get Kenneth Walker thread”


But I’d love to see this kid in Honolulu blue.

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I could see him taking a big shot and just laying there, and this happening:

eric cartman omg GIF by South Park


How long you been sitting on that gif waiting for this moment?


Hey Wake Forest, ya done effed up.

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:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Why’d he transfer from Wake?

According to the commentators in the game, he went there because they were the only “Division 1” school to offer him a scholarship.

He left because he wanted a more prominent role in a pro-style offense.

Why WF didn’t recognize the talent and feature him more, who knows. Who the hell do they have there that was ahead of him?

He also essentially was beat out by Christian Beal-Smith last year or faced a full on commuter situation had he stayed at awake.

Nate, we know you’re joking because the Lions don’t have to “ tank “ they are really that bad.


The kid has made quite the rise to stardom. Only a 2 star prospect coming out of highschool.
Good to see MSU doing well, although I’m a UofM fan by heart.

I watched the full highlights this morning. Man, I was impressed with the Spartys. They looked poised, and ready. Walker looked like LT out there and Thorne was making some NFL throws

MSU has already exceeded my expectations. If they keep it up, could be looking at a battle of unbeatens Oct 30 against UM.

(Which has to drive Wolverine fan crazy. This season had all the markings of a curb stomp of Sparty. Now we might have two in state stalwarts)

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Lol, I get the sarc, but on the other hand, kid looks like the real deal…and I didnt realize how jacked and thick this kid is, holy shit, he’s a f**king brickhouse…his legs look like oak trees. He is def for real imo.

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The Wal-Mart Wolverines might actually be okay with it…if it puts their gear on discount.

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Whoa, whoa, this wal-mart wolverine prints his own wolverine gear, thank you very much.

The kid has it all. Plus he doesn’t go down easy. Speed, power, vision, and patience. Reminds we more like Bell then anyone else.