***Official Turkey Day Lions vs Packers game day thread***

I’m getting up early to head into town for the parade and game. So let’s get the thread started now.

Let’s get the party started. Go Lions!


Be sure to not go to the Silverdome. @Cynodon :joy::joy: I’m still laughing about that.


lol @Grossi


Since I won’t be around tomorrow, this is my post in this thread.


Thanks for that insightful post….lol

Anyone know if AA is playing?

Rumor was he maybe taking the day off for birth of a child.

Smart ass, meaning I’ll be at the game…lol

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Go easy on the gummies before the game. :joy:

Oh hell no, double down on the gummies, lot cheaper than the expensive cheap ass beers.

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Dude he’d be sleeping by the 3rd quarter.


That’s fair.
Could always put on a pair of cowboy boots and slip a pint of Jack in each boot.
Buy a large coke, add a little jack and be sound asleep by the 4th qtr.

no he can sleep in the 3rd because we don’t do a whole lot that quarter–but never fall asleep in the 4th or you’ll miss our game-winning drive !!

Does it feel surreal to anybody else that they’re playing a meaningful Thanksgiving Day game, like REALLY meaningful, for the first time since…??? This whole season has been surreal but it’s really starting to hit me now since Thanksgiving always felt like the beginning of the playoff push for me so it’s starting to get really real.

Also, 6 straight losses on Thanksgiving. That shit needs to stop…NOW.


That is a great point.
@BitterSyd , take Wolf’s advice, grab food at half time take a third qtr nap and catch the last three Lion TD’s in the fourth to win by 48.

If we have a chance we need to take the ball 1st tomorrow. Sick of doing nothing when we get the ball to start the 3rd quarter.

Build a good lead in the 1st half and then just play ball control in the 2nd half.

No, 8-2 record don’t change up now.


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LFG. That is all (for now).

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