Ok more on WR in draft an off line LBs

But the ability to identify and develop wide receiver talent outside of the first round is something that all parties in the new Lions front office and coaching regime have proven they can do. And that’s highly important for a team that needs to replace its top three wideouts overnight.

Why I still feel you go WR every draft an by way these new people also like based on history to draft a RB . They don’t tend to draft off line LBs meaning guys who are mainly rushers.

Is it the right approach i don’t know but the new people making these calls have a history of doing well with the same approach in different organizations.
This one cuts across all three backgrounds, Rams, Dorsey and the Saints. There just isn’t an emphasis on drafting off-ball linebackers early in the draft with any of them.

and that is precisely what the lions need and how effective can an off the ball linebacker be without an effective free safety.