Skip your frustration for a minute and appreciate the game Okudah had today.

Shut Smith down and was in on 10 tackles…7 solo 3 asst……

Him potentially becoming the player we all hoped he could be would be so big on so many levels moving forward!

Great job Jefe!


He was one of my few bright spots of the day. I want this kid to succeed so bad.


Hopefully he makes a big leap this year.

People forget Slay was terrible his 1st year, good his 2nd and made a giant leap his 3rd.

I saw a guy that is much improved.


So true, man!

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Yes very excited about Okudah! Thought he looked as good as he’s ever looked today.

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I truly believe (and said so at the time) that he was at a severe disadvantage because he was drafted when they literly did not do OTAs and Rookie Camp due to COVID restrictions.

To come in as a Rookie CB, drafted that high with huge expectation and not get Rookie Camp and OTAs was the absoulte worst case scenario he could possibly face.

You can’t make the jump from college to the NFL “virtually”


Yep I remember reading that in one of your posts and it really does make a lot of sense. If Okudah can live up to the hype man it will be huge for the defense.

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Okudah cost me money because Smith was the last part of a parlay that everyone else did as expected.

angry will ferrell GIF


Can someone find and post Okudahs coverage #s please…I saw him all day long, I could swear he had a bad game.

If not, my apologies to Okudah lol

Okudah has always been a real solid tackler as well.


Pretty amazing how well he played only 12 months removed from an achilles tear.


He still hasn’t even played 16 games total yet. He’s still learning.

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Have you ever tried to grab something, but it mysteriously drops on the floor? That was Jeffrey Okudah.

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I hope he stays healthy. The second he left the game because of cramps Harris immediately gave up a super long TD.

How much longer do we need to see Harris fail at everything? ‘Hey, he blows at safety, maybe somehow he will magically be a good CB’


Yup -Jacobs getting healthy would be nice too.
When is he expected back?


I think you are looking at it the wrong way. Imagine if your baby was playing in the NFL, and got matched up with Harris.

Will Harris - making mama’s proud with every snap.

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Thought Jeff played pretty well.

Only annoyed me once when he lined up 12 yards off ball on 3rd and 7 or 8.


Yea I don’t know if I’d called his play today “good” like others, but I do think coming back from his injury and playing most of the game - that’s progress. And I’m really happy for him. I do think he looks “good” relative to the rest of the defense because the Lions defense is effing awful… so he’s going to get graded on a curve here. But overall the fact that he played most of the game and held up ok is a definite step in the right direction. And for Aaron Glenn’s defense, a “step in the right direction” is about as close to a win as it gets. Woof, that defense is awful.

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Devonta Smith when guarded by Okudah…

4 targets
0 receptions
0 yards

Plus 7 solo tackles and a PBU for Okudah.


Me too…. I think Bryant, Sewell, Rags, Decker, Jackson, Elliott, Swift, and Walker had nice games.

I thought Goff, ASB. Chark, Rodrigo, AO, C Harris and J Williams had up and down games with some bright spots and some lapses

The LB and DT spots are BAD- and we could really use Jamo