Has Okudah been playing for the Falcons?

I’d imagine he will have 2 INT’s and 2 TD’s this Sunday right!

Haha I kid, I kid. But former Lions do tend to kill us when we play them.

Hope it’s not the return of Artose Pinner!

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He’s been hurt I’m pretty sure.


Where is the exorcist? We dont need this hex on us…
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If there is a prop bet for him getting injured this game, I would be putting all of your family’s real estate value on the bet, regardless of the odds, because this is exactly the game that he would show up, Show out and then be carted off.

My bad, my bad.

The ghosts of Artose Pinner and Joey Harrington haunt me. When Jim Shorts came back to Detroit, they carried him off the field. ha ha

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I didn’t believe this curse until Joey Harrington had a big day on us. That guy was one of the worst QBs I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching.


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Look at Docs face @stephenboyd57 …lol

My bad, I brought up hard times.

Lions 37 Falcons 7

In AG I trust! :wink:

He’s been injured but may return this week.

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Here we go again.

haha just u wait Mouse man!

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Haven’t heard that one before.

I trust Andy Griffith too.

His best game as a pro incoming! Go to, uhhh… , BETUSA or something .com and take the money over or whatever. (I don’t bet, but this one is golden!)

Okudah becoming an all-pro shutdown corner for one game only this sunday confirmed…now that would be some three letters no one wants to hear for sure!


I love Okudah and have his jersey. If he made a good showing, I’d be happy for him.

That said, his weaknesses at the top of routes is inescapable. So much so, that Marvin Jones might actually get open, LOL.

Marv has really be stretching the field with his 3 yards per catch this season

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