OL Billy Price retiring

I know there were some that had interest in him back in 2018.

Billy Price is retiring from the NFL due to health complications. The offensive lineman revealed on Instagram that he recently underwent emergency pulmonary embolism surgery to remove blood clots in his lungs. Price decided to retire because the “risk of an internal bleed while on blood thinners creates tremendous risk.”

“In the blink of an eye, everything can be taken away,”* Price said in his statement. “On April 24th I had emergency pulmonary embolism surgery to remove a saddle clot that was entering both of my lungs. As a healthy 29 year old, an unprovoked pulmonary embolism with no further medical explanation is terrifying. I am truly thankful to be alive today. Unfortunately, I will be retiring from the NFL as the risk of an internal bleed while on blood thinners creates tremendous risk.

Considering that by NFL standards he was terrible at football, it seems that indeed the Price was right.

Good job, Billy. Cash dem checks!

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There needs to be a Cash Dem Checks award. We need to commemorate who earns the most for accomplishing the least. We’d of course be in the midst of a DeShawn Watson dynasty right now.

Oh man that award has gotta go to Chase Daniel. Made like 50 mill and never even played.

Watson is pulling that in every year.

Though there are a ton of Tech Bros from the prior VC boom saying hold my beer.

Adam Neumann of WeWork infamy would be tough to beat. Now worth $2B dollars just for a bunch of false promises (cough, cough lies) and lighting $14B of Softbank’s money on fire.

Bravo, Adam. Bravo.

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Yea at least Watson had a couple good seasons. Chase started maybe 5 games his entire career. Did he ever even win a single game?

Another nominee JaMarcus Russel. He played under the old rookie wage scale. So made a killing.

Since signing the contract? What has Watson done since signing the contract?

So far The Browns have paid him $9.7m per TD pass :scream:

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The king from that era:

Yeah I’d smile too, Sam.


Chad Henne came to mind as another back up that played a long time. Key plays in the Chiefs SB a couple years back.

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That’s a lot of massages

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The C taken one pick after Frank Ragnow.

Tuddies for Touchies

I can respect the way Chad Henne made his money. He was a talented guy and competent backup QB coaches could trust. He also supported the starter and was good in the QB room. He made just under $40M for his career, but did it $3M at a time (so to speak). He played for 15 seasons and averaged $2.65M/year. But he had a small rookie contract and slightly larger earnings in the middle of his career.

His biggest year was $5M with the Jags. In his (6) years with the Jags, he ranged from $3.1M to the career high of $5M. And ust to show why I respect the way he went about his business, after his Jags tenure he had only been with (2) teams in a (10) year career (Dolphins and Jags). His 3rd and final stop was with the Chiefs. He played there for (5) seasons and was willing to play his final years in the NFL on a 2 year $3.25M deal.

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I remember being worried that we had drafted the “inferior” interior OLineman that year. I quickly read an article that calmed my nerves. It was Quinn, you understand.
Then again, gotta give Quinn his do :face_vomiting:. A great pick by the baseball bat.

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