OL Matt Nelson visited Giants Wednesday

There line is so bad Nelson might be a starter… it’s that bad

Good for him. I hope he gets a big payday.

Is this the point where agents are getting favors from other teams for the sake of moving the original team off of their low-ball offers?

“Just bring him in for a workout, man. That’s all. He’ll go back to Detroit, we just want to bump that number up a little.”

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Matt has had a good run and congrats at being able to go to OL from DL and find a niche here. But, I think it’s time to move on. If they do or don’t it wouldn’t necessarily surprise me and as an IOWA fan it’s hard to say but I think we should have better options late in the draft.

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If Nelson & Reynold both get 8 mil each per season we still get no comp picks

we are â– â– â– â–  'd

Wait, you’re back CasanovaJack1 and retired 1Casanova, til the next time your half brother logs in??
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Well, I actually am a twin in real life.

I have to distract @2Thats with Poptarts to keep him away from you guys.

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We’re not identical and she barely follows football.