OL Play and Offensive Success

Props to Ragnow on the Pro Bowl nod. I do think Sewell had a legit shot as well, and Jonah is a former pro bowler. Decker has had elite stretches here as well as being one of the leaders on this team. Personally, I’ve never seen the Lions with an OL like this. The crazy part is I still think this group can be better.

With that said - it doesn’t feel like a coincidence that the franchise FINALLY has an elite OL, and they also have the best offense they’ve had in a long time. How much do you think OL play factors into the overall success of the offense?


It’s huge. not only are the key players borderline elite but they fit the offense we’ve created. The league has moved the last several years to pass happy attacks and defenses adjusted, playing more 3-4, adding more secondary playing nickel and becoming lighter up front. The Lions and a few others are ahead of the curve in adjusting to this and playing power ball and building a play action passing attack off it

The one short coming this year in the lions Oline has been guard play. I know we have a lot of top picks invested in that line but I’d like to see the top guard picked in the second or third round of the draft to shore up that depth


The O-Line makes the run game go, the run game makes the PA pass work to its potential, the PA pass opens the run game. This cycle continues as long as the QB hits his targets.
This O-Line is a QB’s dream!

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how was goff last year?
How is he this year?

That much!

I think a better (more dependable) RB magnifies the OL’s strength.


This is why I want Bijan Robinson…that kid is good and with this line and receivers, would be a match


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