OL question -

last night I noticed that many Gibbs running plays went left. Actually it seems like many have gone left lately? Is that a nod towrds Decker and Jonah?

I know Gibbs has had some sweet runs around the right end, not sure if one is better than the other.

Are they the same?

They’ve had some plays where they also moved Sewell over the left too.

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These guys are pulling linemen so much, it’s hard to tell left from right and up from down.


I would love for someone to go back and check… But I think those plays that went to the left usually were also the whide side of the field… So there was more running space on this side of the field.

Exactly really love how much we get the big fellas a head of steam in the run game.

Hank Fraley is a creative dude.


He’s so under rated


All I know is we are a dominant O-line when Ragnow is in there. I think we go as far as our O-line takes us so hopefully they stay healthy.