OL Slater over OT Sewell to the Lions?

Lions pass on Sewell, Waddle, Parsons, and Lance to take Slater. Don’t see that happening, not at No. 7 overall.

The Lions have reportedly met with Parsons 3 times, Sewell twice and Slater once. We’ve also met with a few mid round level OT’s. We clearly feel RT is a need.

I think some of it comes down to if the player is willing and able to play RT.

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I’d take Sewell over Slater because I see an Anthony Munoz there, but maybe that’s just me.


If your drafting solely off talent then most everyone would.

But your not… the Lions are looking for someone to play RT. If they felt Slater was more willing and able than they could view him as a better fit.

Drafting a RT @ 7 is foolish imo. Now if the goal is to have Slater switch to LT next season then I’d be okay with it but not solely as a RT

I would think that would be the goal in 2-3 seasons.

Decker is 28 this season and is
under contract until he reaches 31.

The argument for taking an OT this early would be to groom him a few years at RT before having him make the switch.

The Lions have shown interest in Sewell and Slater so it’s possible they could view it this way. Personally I’d rather have Parsons.


For what it’s worth Dan Orlosky today said he thinks it is Either offensive or defensive line. I’m starting to see offensive line in a trade down.

Here is who our RT will be blocking in 2021:

Khalil Mack x2 games (ligns left side often)
Danielle Hunter x2 games - ligns up left often
Zadarius/Preston/Rashan x2 games
Chandler Jones or JJ Watt
Nick Bosa or Dee Ford
Leonard Floyd, possibly Aaron Donald on a few plays
Von Miller or Bradley Chubb
TJ Watt - ligns up left almost always
Miles Garrett or Clowney
Brandon Graham or Derek Barnett
possibly Trey Hendrickson
and whoever Ravens send will probably be decent.

Times are changing… and the right tackle position is more important than ever in pass protection.


Nice work laying this out. Though I still believe value wise a LT > RT, you made a very good argument for why the two positions aren’t miles apart value wise. The way I see it, is Decker and cough… puke… Vaitai are the only expensive guys really. Vaitai should be dumped and come off the books as soon as next season. Sewell would be relatively inexpensive compared to what top OT’s make on his first 4 seasons, then move into bigger money in year 5 assuming we take the 5th year option. When I project Decker going into year 5 from now we’ll either be ready to move on or he’s a RT and taking a pay cut, while Sewell is our LT and the cost is right-sized. We play the best guys at the best spots and view it as a total cost model for the Oline. Ragnow is going to be expensive soon too and deserves every bit of it. So IMO it’s important to keep injecting younger cheaper players into Oline to counter the guys who are on their second contracts.

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That’s quite a complement. Munoz & John Hannah are two of the all time greats. If Sewell is all that some are suggesting you run to the podium if he’s available.

Nice post

I can definitely see the argument for taking an OT in the first two rounds. I’ve been thinking OT round two mostly myself.

I do think OL is in serious consideration. The Lions have also looked at mid round OT’s prospects as well.

If Chase and Parsons go and the Lions have a choice between Sewell, Slated, Smith and Waddle… I could see them taking Sewell and looking to go WR round 2 or 3.

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One analyst’s take:

Christian Darrisaw and Teven Jenkins are better OL prospects than Rashawn Slater

I love Slater as a prospect. He’s ultra athletic, phenomenally balanced, and understands how to use his hands to redirect pass rushers. I just love Jenkins and Darrisaw more. It all boils down to this – Jenkins and Darrisaw give you more point-of-attack power, anchoring ability, and length right out of the gate in the NFL than Slater does. Maybe by Year 2 or Year 3, Slater adds weight and strength – he probably will – but Darrisaw and Jenkins will have time to improve their already prodigious strength too. All three belong in the the first round, I just like Jenkins and Darrisaw a tick more than the more highly touted Slater.

That’s an argument for trading down and taking a RT.

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I would be infuriated if Sewell was there and they took Slater.

i think these four tackles, along with the USC guard may be gone by pick 20.

I tend to agree with you.

So Air… I get reading your posts that you are not that high on OL… I gather that you are becoming… or are… a Parsons’ guy. Is that what you’re saying overalll? Are you more in the the realm of ‘depending on who is there, then…’ I’m not sure. Just checking

I think that would be the prudent way to move forward. I think Sewell’s floor is just about as high as any draft prospect. His ceiling is impressive as well.

If we can’t trade down, Sewell and then two WRs and one defender on day 2 is my preference.

I’ve said it from the the day of the trade. Fixing the offense and hoping it enables you to fix Goff is the correct strategy. I know there are some that think I’m derelict in not suggesting we do more on defense but I just feel like we can only solve 1 side of the ball this offseason and offense is the logical way to go for several reasons.

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I have no issues with going OL. It’s not my preferred pick at 7OA. I do think at some point in the first 3 rounds we need to draft a RT.

I have been a Parsons guy for a long time. He’s my 1a. I love D. Smith who is my 1b

I look at it this way. If we stay at 7OA.

On offense we need a RT and a WR to field a pretty solid unit. I feel like WR is a glaring hole and it wouldn’t hurt to grab two in the draft.

Our defense needs a lot of help. LBer, NB and S are big needs. Safety is a barren wasteland in my opinion.

We also need difference makers. Players that force opponents to game plan around them.

I think we could get Parsons round one. A stud LBer who is difference making type that can give your defense the identity it soley lacks.

Then go OL round two. There’s a lot of OL talent that should be there. Then grab a WR and S in rounds 3. Then WR again in round 5.

I feel like that would be the dream scenario for me because I think it fills our biggest holes and allows us to field a strong offense and OK defense.

If we miss on Parsons and went D. Smith then I feel like we would be getting a difference making WR and could pass on taking a second one and get a second safety instead.

If we decide to grab a guy like Sewell then I’d be OK with it. I see Sewell as a future probowl OT. He’s a stud for sure. Not an exciting pick but at least it gives Goff a stud OL and maybe our run game could be a force to reckon with.

That’s pretty much how I see it.

I didn’t see Sewell as being a realistic option for a while, more like an option I could ignore because there’s no way he’s there at #7. Then about a week ago it started to actually look like he COULD be there. Not likely, but I can see a path to it being at least possible. He’s not the sexiest pick for me - but if he’s there to me you have to take him. His long term potential for a franchise that has lacked an identity along the OL in seemingly forever, just can’t say no to it if he’s there. Now, I still highly doubt he’s there.