OLINE 2024 and beyond


  1. Awosika  LG
  2. Manu RG/RT
  3.  Skipper  RG/ RT 
  4.  Sorsdal  RG/RT
  5. Mahogs  RG/LG
  6. Galvin RG/RT
  7. Netane Muti RG
    13- 16) Niese, Eguakan, Hudson, Clemens UDFA Centers

How I see out Top 10 OL depth chart.

LT- Decker … (Sewell)… Skipper
LG- Glasgow… Awosika … Mahogs
C- Ragnow… (Glasgow)
RG- Zeitler … Manu … Sorsdal
RT- Sewell … (Skipper/Manu/Sorsdal)

Interesting we are using 2 starters Glasgow/Sewell as the primary backups for key positions Center & Left Tackle.

We are loaded at Guard. Specifically Right Guard where we have:

Glasgow - switched to LG
Mahogs- switched to LG
Skipper - his epic locker room Skip, Skip, Skip game was at RG
Muti -

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Awosika he also played OT last season he will make roster,thy like him . Sorsdal may get a lot of work at OT during off season he has really fixed his body during off season.


The problem is lions never carry more than 9 OL which 9 are making the 53

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Maybe we keep 10 this year and only 5 WR

Especially with changes in Special Teams ?

Otherwise, poor Skip might get cut again I would love to see him make a roster


You are probably pretty close to correct. I expect us to play it pretty conservatively this year unless our hand is forced.

It’s an interesting unit because right now we have our 5 starters, then a drop-off to a ton of question marks who were cheaply-acquired. I really like going the cheaply-acquired route, especially at iOL where it hits all the time, but there’s no doubt that right now they’re a bunch of question marks.

I mean in 3 years our starting iOL might be Sorsdal/Eguakun/Mahogany. That’s a 5th rounder, a UDFA, and a 6th rounder. Or throw Awosike, Hudson, Muti, Galvin in there… they were all cheaply-acquired too. Even Manu was only a 4th rounder (though I suppose next year’s 3rd makes him a little more expensive).

Personally I wish we could keep more. When you’re going the spam-a-position-and-see-what-sticks route, the longer you have to test them out the better.


Image of Hey, Gilligan, did you eat the Skipper?

I dont remember that. Which game? I remember him playing left guard when Jonah was out several games.

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Did u know Skipper has never started a game in the nfl at tackle. Great story but we don’t want him playing if God forbid Sewell or Decker got hurt.


Yes he’s a RG and 6th OL

Awosika was solid as a LG starter

Wouldn’t be surprised if we fielded calls for a trade for him.

Probably a 5th or 6th… I would hold out for a 4th

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Right now im at .

3 QB.
3 RB
5 WR
3 TE
9 OL
10 DL
4 LB
9 DB
3 ST
4 Extra special teamers.
RB/ DB Vaki
TE Zylstra
DB Dorsey

So you have to sacrifice some where.
Thats about the average of what they carried in 2023. Already subtracted a LB for a OL

You can just carry 2 QBs now right, since they’ve made that emergency QB rule? Pretty sure most teams will only be keeping 2 now.


I wouldn’t trade him. He might be the only true LG on the roster. GG can play it too…but he’s been better on the right side.

And if Rags misses any time…GG is playing center


No the emergency rule is
53 active players (including all 3 QBs)
48 players can dress for the game. So 1 of those 5 not dressed (inactive) can be the QB. Meaning 48+1 qb.

But that QB3 has to be on the 53 man roster

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On paper, the OT depth isn’t great.


I think they just changed that this offseason:

It even says in that article few teams will keep 3 QBs on the active roster.

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I’m seeing 23 on offense and 27 on defense.
2 QB
4 RB
5 WR
3 TE
9 OL

4 OLB/DE types
4 interior DL (NT/DT)
3 Big End (could be lumped in with interior DL, to be honest. #3 is Wingo.
5 off-ball LB
11 DB

Thats stating that the qb can be on the practice squad then be elevated before the game.

So in that case
53 active 2 Qb
16 PS 1QB

Game day.

48 players 2 QB
2 call ups from PS 1 QB
7 Inactives 1 QB
14 PS

but a player can only be elevated 3 times a season
Before they have to waved and clear waivers


Just speculation on calls we could get by the deadline.

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But that still keeps only 2 QBs necessary on the 53 right?

2 QB
4 RB
5 WR
3 TE
10 OL

6 DE (Betts in for now)
5 DT
5 LB
5 CB (If Moseley PUP then Gilmore sticks)
1 Star/NB
4 S (Resign Tracey)

That’s 50 then the 3 ST

I don’t have Vildor, Dorsey, QB3, Z.Knight, Zylstra, or UDFA WR

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