Open roster spot(s)?

With Waller going to the reserve/retired list, and JamWill likely heading for the PUP, the Lions have at least one open roster spot. With 10.3 million in cap space, the Lions are in a very flexible position to go in a lot of different directions. Thoughts?

Extending AO before he gets crazy expensive might be a smart move. He will be a free agent after this season. 6 INT’s last year.


Might be an in season move, just making sure they got what they thought they were getting but yes, he’s the guy I would target.


Save that cap space for in season “emergency” roster adjustments.
Like, the Rams getting Von Miller and OBJ, last season.
Super Bowl or bust!


Yeah, you don’t spend just because money is burning a hole in your pocket. Stuff happens, emergencies happen almost every season like LionFrog noted, and adults plan for that rather than max the credit cards in the spring.

I doubt that Jamo starts training camp on PUP, though a restricted status is likely. I believe the DC quote as something like “he won’t be ready for training camp” which to me means no restrictions. I also believe he won’t be on PUP at the start of the season, so that he can practice with the team until he’s a full go after our week 6 bye.


I just put the cap space out there for reference. Really couldn’t care less, but if it were me, I might take that empty roster spot and look at the guys from the spring league for a prove-it deal with no guaranteed money


Could find the next Bobby Hebert!


I like the idea of making sure before extending him

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Which would be light years ahead of our current backup situation, :laughing:.

With Penisini’s retirement today, that makes 2 open roster spots for the 90 man heading into Training Camp.