Opening Game announced for 2024

Is there an “over/under” on it yet?

Go Jets!

Hard to root for Aaron Rodgers, but wanting the 49ers to lose as many games as possible makes it easier.


This has me thinking the Lions are on SNF….maybe against the Rams??


Or Dallas or is Dallas already taken

This schedule release shit and everyone guessing on who what where when has my head spinning.

Just give it to us NFL you effing bastards

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Dallas is on at 4:25 Sunday afternoon.

Dallas is already leaked….they are playing Cleveland on Sunday at 4:25pm

Week 2 Amazon Prime Thursday game Sep 12 - Bills at Dolphins
Sept 15 on CBS Bengals at Chiefs

My prediction is Sunday night football against the Rams

That’s the rumor. Makes sense given the storylines.

I think the NFL gives the Lions a bit of a break to start the season to maximize the later season drama. It wouldn’t surprise me to see an easier home first game just to get the hype train rolling for a week 2 prime time game.


My bad. :laughing:

I accept.
Just not sure which of your offenses this apology is for, so confusing.

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I like to apologize in advance for things I’m likely to do…:joy:

Sorry Matt Leblanc GIF

Marriage material right there…

This has been leaked

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