Opening Game announced for 2024

Chiefs vs Ravens Sept 5th.

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Chiefs by 20

Friday game as well live from Brazil it’s the Packers!!!

Lions MNF or SNF at home against Bills or Jax

Let’s get this party started

Opening weekend

Im thinking at SF on Sunday night.


I’m hoping we play in Dallas on SNF for the opener!

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All I know is that giving Detroit a Prime Time game opening weekend will be an epic party. The NFL will be gushing about the “atmosphere” and double down about the draft in Detroit. It is all about the narrative and selling Detroit at this point.

Hell I might drop some coin and take the wife. We have some close friends who tailgate already so just need tickets.


I think @Mr.Peabody has discussed opening weekend and different correlations, one being the Tigers schedule for that weekend.

Rod Wood said he requested to open on the road last season because it would help to “bunch together” home games later in the season. It also happened to fall on a home Tigers game day. I am not sure what he is thinking this year, as we have more home games than road games.

Opening weekend this year have the Tigers AWAY. Then the following week, the Tigers are at HOME. The issue I see with the Tigers schedule it is a 6 day stretch of all Tigers home games. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all home Tigers games. To me that is aot of strain on the city to try to host a Lions game at the end of that 6 game stretch on the same day as the 6th Tigers game. So I could see us being on the road for week 2. Then theoretically we would be back home for week 3 and week 4 the Tigers have 6 straight home games again. So its the same “issue” as week 2.

I could be completely off of my rocker when it comes to thinking it is a “concern.” Maybe the city would rather load up on people for one week of fun that culminates in one big day of sports. I think sending the Lions back to play the 49ers on Sunday Night Football would be a HUGE ratings getter.


Dallas @ Cleveland 4:25pm FOX

Bummer :joy:

They made Tom Brady’s first announcing gig a Cowboys game. Ugh. Maybe he will be put on a bunch of Cowboys games and we can avoid both at the same time.

Must not be the game of the week. Otherwise where the hell is Troy?

If it’s 4:25pm on FOX it’s the game of the week.

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@Richard_Parker Or it could be GOTW with Troy for DET @ SF. Tom Brady is not kicking Troy out.

And apparently not kicking Olsen out either.

Troy is on MNF….its just MNF, not the game of the week moniker that the 4:25pm Sunday games use (CBS & FOX)

Disregard. Complete brain fart on Troy now being on MNF.

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Yeah, they don’t want none of this!
I don’t blame them. Bad enough they’ll have to face us in the Super Bowl.:rofl:

The big question for this game; can Rodgers make it through the first 3minutes of the game, unlike last year’s Monday night opener.