OPI and DPI to be reviewable and it PMO

What we have here is finally one of the teams that matter finally were hurt by a PI call, non call. I say BS, the Lions and the Cowboys game changed nothing when the Fords pitched a fit… But Now the Saints Pitch a fit and the coach leads the committee to get the rule changed. If it would have been the Lions or the Bills or any of the other lower teams nothing would have changed.


in that dallas game, the worst thing really was that, aside of they should have called holding first, then pass interference, Dez Bryant ran onto the field from the sideline to yell at an official (without his helmet). that’s an automatic unsportsmanlike and 15 yards no matter what happened on the field.


Good. Sucks that it happens to our Lions 100 times, and everyone just says that’s part of the game. But, it’s a needed change. Yeah, it slows the game more. But the calls need to be right. The winner should the team who plays better, not the team who benefited from the zebras more.

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I think the right call on that play is offset penalties.

Pettigrew had his fingers clasped onto the LBs facemask. So holding, PI on Dallas; facemask on Detroit.

Then after the play, Dez for unsportsmanlike.

It’s absolute bullpucky he got away with that.

You don’t feel that facemask was of the incidental kind?
But point taken. As Lions fan, that wasn’t nearly as egregious as the one that happened to MY team. Frustrations of a fan of a garbage team. We finally have our one true chance, and the zebras snatch it away (and Stafford horribly under throws the ball)

I’ve seen the screen shots. What reason would Pettigrew have to put his hands there. Incidental woudl be during a block. Pettigrew was a receiver who should have had a bigger step on a LB, but didn’t.

I think one of the reasons the guy didn’t turn for the ball was because he couldn’t due to Pettigrew’s fingers. As the ball came, it was a good thing Pettigrew did that because the ball was seriously underthrown, right?

The ball never should have been thrown to Pettigrew. It should have gone to CJ, who was wide as hell open pre snap. (single coverage by a smurf). You need 1 freaking yard. You have 9 in the box. One super deep and 1 on CJ. Audible away from the slow developing play to the guy you gave 14 targets all year and to your go to guy for an easy yard.

F-ing Dez getting away with that is the biggest crime, though. No excuse for that at all.

That was an obvious fix job against the Lions.

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and this is my biggest gripe on stafford is he locks onto the #1 route sometimes and doesn’t come off, pressure or no. my guess is pettigrew was the #1 option on that play and stafford never looked anywhere else. Calvin was WIDE open for at least a 20 yard reception after the catch, maybe even more. But he threw it at pettigrew who was more than covered, in fact for pettigrew to catch it it would’ve had to drill thru the lb.

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Well, I think a better placed ball goes over the head of the LB and maybe Pettigrew catches it with his arms outstretched up…

There was a post game interview about the play and Stafford talked about how they’d run that play before and the TE was “scott free” (not covered) and that the LB made a good play…

I think this is the kind of thing that holds Stafford out of top tier. We see what he does, but we don’t see what he doesn’t do that might have been tons better than what he ended up choosing to do.

I remember one of the things that Titus Young said, after going crazy and stealing routes,. He said he did it because he wasn’t even getting looked at despite getting open on his routes.

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It will be a nightmare. The NFL can’t stop shooting itself in the foot. It’s like they have their finger on the trigger and they emptied the entire clip into it. The just settled the catch issue, now they are going to make it a question about interference. There is interference on 95% of those plays. Waiting three minutes for NY to see which call favors the Gambino family is just stupid. Yes, I do believe gambling has a death grip on the entire bullshit review committee in NY. You want how many reversals of every scoring play, every pass play. WTF. STUPIDITY HAS A FREE REIGN IN THE OWNERS MEETING.

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Welcome to the NFL “new rules season”.

All-star games, Combine, FA, New Rules, Draft, etc…

Quick question. Overall, are the annual rule changes that the NFL keeps implementing, making the game better? Has the entertainment value increased? Is the NFL producing a better product from the viewpoint of the paying costumer?

As long as they’re getting the call right, I’m fine with it. The team that played better should win, not the team who had the favorable calls. Length of game doesn’t matter to me. Just get it correct.

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You have to wonder how much gambling has to do with all of this.


Well, maybe if we made an NFC championship game we’d have more of a voice…

Though this is a terrible idea. There is far too much replay, the game pace is horrid.

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