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Hi all, looking for some feedback. I’m moving on from Direct TV after the game as I’m riding out my Sunday Ticket. I’ve used the Roku stick for travel and the older version of the base unit for home so I’m semi literate. Mostly use it to access Amazon Prime video content, but will be looking to adapt my content from what I have now. My wife and I watch a lot of movies and TV as we lead home based lives really, so we have the highest DTV package. We’ll have to probably sign up for individual HBO, SHOW etc for series that we are into. For sports it’s really just the Lions I’ll need to have, outside of access to the main networks for college games.

So that’s content. As for the hardware, Roku is ok, but very unhappy with the FF/REW capabilities. Frankly it really sucks compared to DTV remote functionality. So I’m all ears as to what types of units are best for that specifically. I know Roku has a newer base unit out there that is supposed to be faster loading, but not sure if it’s still so buggy with the REW/FF. I appreciate any tips you guys can pass along. Thanks!

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Watched a ton of games, this year. Had the streams mess up on 2 of them (one was a lions game). Mostly reliable. Missed the last 3 minutes of a tight game once, thought. Very cheap, and mostly reliable.


I’ve not had a great experience with the Roku stick, but the bigger units have been great. I wouldn’t hesitate to get the Ultra 4k for the best streaming hardware experience.

Put in a good antenna for OTA stuff. If you really want to get fancy, you can put in a DVR that works with the Roku like a Tablo. That’s a little higher on the tech difficulty scale, but it’s not too terrible.

I personally don’t like the Amazon Fire streamers compared with the Roku in general. The fact that Amazon is always fighting with Google (YouTube) also makes it frustrating. The Android TV stuff is pretty flaky, and you’ve got the reverse, where they’re always fighting with Amazon. I’ve not used Apple TV. I assume it’s like everything else Apple - simple, locked-down, and overpriced.

What’s the quality like BN?

I use the DTV Stream Sunday Ticket. I don’t have to have the contract Or dish and I pay 350 for the season. My house falls into the limited area where they can’t put up a dish…so I qualify for it. Always looking for cheaper but good quality option, seeing as moving home isn’t in the table.:joy:

FYI, we use ROKU 4K stick for normal tv and sling. Love both. Roku hasn’t let me down yet.

Thanks man. I do like to go back through and re-watch Lion games to catch different facets, so I think I may pony up for the service where connected to the NFL where you can do that. For other team games though, seems like a good deal.

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I have a Roku stick and two Chromecasts, one of which is installed on a Roku enabled Smart TV. So, I can get both streamers on both TVs.

The Roku remote is a bit dumbed down, especially compared to my DirecTV, which I have on one of the stream TVs and one that is downstairs, but has PS4 streaming as it’s only streamer.

So, we’re a mixed family…ethnically and streamally(?).

We will be bouncing to Sling as our $34 a month 200+ channel DirecTV contract is up. My sweetie is Vietnamese and don’t ever ever ever let her buy something from you, as her bargaining skills are an 12 on a 1-10 scale. Her daughter is a 13.

So, anyways-

Roku -ok
Roku enabled Smart TV, better. Remote is still generic as hell.
Chromecast- Awesome if u have Google Home. I don’t ever hit a remote, just talk to it.
DirecTV-Menu system is trash. DVR is boss.Remote is the best.
PS4-Interface is trash, multifunction ability saves it.
Amazon Fire Stick-Had one, flaming pile of trash, wouldn’t connect, then wouldn’t work…couldnt give it away.

We use Roku on our TVs, and they have worked well for us with PSVue and now YouTube TV. Being able to use the same hardware if you have to switch providers is a big plus. I can’t think of any issues we’ve had with the devices themselves.

Love this discussion. Looking for a way to dump my massive Comcast bill every month but still watch NFL and NHL…have Prime and Netflix, and would get the HBO subscription (Last Week Tonight is worth the cost of that on its own) but I need something for the live sports.

I suppose I could get NHL.TV at an annual cost but what are my NFL options?

It’s not the same as watching an episode in one go, but HBO puts shows like Last Week Tonight and Real Time up on their YouTube channels the next day. It’s not piracy if they welcome you aboard the ship!

I’m not sure what you could do for regularly televised games. For games not shown locally you can still get Sunday Ticket even if you don’t have DirecTV. Also, this year I found a nice discount if you subscribe thru a college student. My niece let me use her info and it was like $99 for the year.

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Sounds like you got the same source I do Wes. That option was designed for college students and people whose homes don’t qualify for a dish set up. I don’t get the college rate though lol. :man_facepalming:t2:

That’s odd with the fire stick. Ours have always worked wonderfully.

@Canadalion – you could always stream NHL games using reddit. (Or any other sport, for that matter.)

Feel free to PM me if you’re interested and I’ll send you some links and save you some $$.

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