Order of hatred during a Lions loss?

I just got to thinking about this, and over the last 20 years, I can probably narrow it to the following (in order) …

  1. Announcers (they’re clearly favoring the opponent)
  2. Officials (see above)
  3. Patricia (something, something, we should have never hired him. Maybe a comment about his weight if it’s particularly upsetting)
  4. My television (I usually keep a sock handy)
  5. Players

Or maybe I’m just crazy (not ruling that out)


You forgot to list the NFL, because they are always conspiring against us :grin::grin: LOL



Good call.


no madness and anger towards the Lions, they did pretty damn good actually…some of those non calls and non TD, ticks me off. OR how 5 of our defenders jump on the ballcarrier, but that man isn’t down, “we never touched him” , and he’s not down by contact-either !? Go figure. :nauseated_face:

Stafford had a fumble, so clearly it is his fault.

Joking aside, I was concerned about him being injured coming in. He played his best game in a loooong time, and that’s not a knock on his previous games. Some of his throws are throws not too many people can make

Don’t worry. We won’t judge. Jim Shwartz went through his fair share of socks while scouting so we understand.

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