Oruwariye picked a bad time to play horribly

It’s a contract year for him. He’s a UFA after this season.

Seems like just yesterday, people were talking about


They likely pushed him back too quickly as he was suffering from a back injury.

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I’m glad we didn’t give him a massive contract after his 6 pick season. Let’s see how this year plays out before even considering it.


A Lions player with a back injury, I never heard of that before. haha


The curse of Tyrell Crosby


I think AO was actually very poorly graded last year by PFF, for whatever that’s worth. He just got a lot of INTs, which colored our perception of him.

This is just a regression to the mean in terms of turnover generation, and the result is that his less then stellar coverage skills are more apparent.


I only trust this if it was diagnosed by the unaffiliated neurologist.


I hate saying this, but the reason he had six picks last year is because qb’s loved throwing at him. He gave up a lot of easy yards last year.

Same this year, without a pick.

Give someone else a chance.

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Doctors suck. Had neurologist doctors at my workers comp court say I’m disabled. But the judge says I need one more to convince me.

I thought Amani was overrated last year, but I was hoping it was part of an upward trajectory with the new defensive coaches. They seemed to get the most out of him. Realistically he’s not as good as he appeared last year, and not as bad as he’s looked this year. The “boom or bust” aspect that he brings is certainly concerning either way.

The regression by the players on this defense, across the board, is concerning. Are the players this bad, or is the bad coaching making them look worse?

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I think the regression is scheme related. It seems we put Charles harris back in a position that he “busted” at in on other teams.

And I guess AJ parker being in the practice squad can be considered regression but Mike Hughes is trash and is playing worse than anything I’ve seen from AJP.

Barnes still isn’t playing well and he’s also playing a new role in the attacking scheme. So that explains the learning curve.

AO was never really that good he was just really opportunistic on some bad throws. Some of us mentioned it but got flack for it.

I think the regression is more as a whole than it is about individual players. Who else are you thinking about?

AO is clearly not right. Good time to get Jerry Jacob’s back.

DD had a good take. What Went Wrong For The Lions Defense? The Lions NEED Jerry Jacobs? All-22 - YouTube

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